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Monday, December 25, 2017

Chrissymouse Day

Mousie-Plum Dreams...


The Big Thing was snuggled deep into his bed,
Not the slightest intelligent thought in his head.

We Mews were all sleepy, having been quite well fed
But still having visions of mousies well led

To our eager and happified paws so it were
In our dreams, but that was before

The noise in the basement became quite extreme
And we heard a weerd sound like a fat man a-scream.

"Fess up" said Young Marley, "which one of you put
The rat-trap in fireplace ta grab the old coot"?

Ayla and Iza began hems and haws,
But Marley saw soot on both of their paws!

"How dare you entrap Sandy Claws", you old coots
"And all that you did was grab one his boots"!

You jeopardized all my wand toys and Nip-fish"!
And Iza, you forfeited all your treat-ish.

You must now go, loose him, and soothe his poor hurt,
By looking all cute-eyed and rolling in dirt.

He'll forgive and forget, and you know that quite well,
So get down there right now and make sure you do tell,

That old Sandy Claws that you meant no harm at all
So he'll leave us some presents meant for us all!



Sandy Claws, spirit so Merry and Bright,
Came down our chimbly, during the night.
He tripped on the Yule log needing some light.

I sat there awaiting his glorious presence,
Hoping for multitudinous presents.
And he, seeing me, said "You deserve endless".

Rattely mousies and balls he did pour
Around me and endlessly onto the floor.
And Nip by the pound, the most and then more!



I napped on the bed with TBT to wait
For the visit of old Sandy paws coming late.
I asked him for nothing, I have all I need.
With the milk-rings, TBT,  and food that I heed.


We've all had our strange dreams
And all that we want
After waking up is to find
Things are normal-like.

We know this part never will rhyme,
But if you search in YOUR hearts,
Perhaps you will find
You had strange dreams like we did
And when you awoke,
Were happier discovering that they were fake.


OK, we think we completely weerded out this time...