Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Eve

US:  Does Sandy Claws come again tonight?

TBT:  No.

US:  So why are we still being good?

TBT:  Because ChissyMouse Day is only 12 Big Moons away.


TBT:  And because you are good kitties all year.

US:  So?  We got 11 Big Moons, right?

TBT:  And for good foods...


TBT:  I can order more duck and cow and chickie and tuna.  Or I can give you basement-sweepings...

US:  You mean Sawdust?

TBT:  If you are lucky.

US: We are good kitties, yes we are.  We love cow and tuna and duck and that stuff!

TBT: And you will have them my friends, all year long.  I was making a joke.

US: Dont joke about FOODS!

TBT:  Sorry.  Never ever fear guys...   There will be bacon and ham and steak too.

US:  Can we sit on yer warm lap too?

TBT: Always and forever!

US: And play toy toss?

TBT:  Every evening, like (almost) always.

US:  We think 2018 is going to be our favrit year!  Is it sleepy time yet?

TBT:  Would you like a fire?

US:  Ooh we havent seen one in a long time.  Yes.

TBT:  Well, let's have nice little one in the fireplace.  It is traditional and I actually cleared some space around it today.  Then we will all share some shrimpies and curl up together and see the New Year in.    And tomorrow we'll start a whole new year together...  Another new Spring, and Summer!

And to all our friends, near and far, known and unknown, a Happy New Year full of love, happiness, companionship, and foods and toys and more love...