Friday, January 19, 2018

Freaky Friday

IZA:  TBT follows the idea of "One more litterbox than cats".    And he kept them spread out a bit.  But I developed a BAD HABIT.  When I was younger, I would pee in one and poop in another.  But sometime last year, I decided that pooping BETWEEN the boxes was the way to "go".    I'm not quite sure "why".  I'm going with the idea that the cold cement floor is better for poops especially when there is litter pawed out on it. 

Well, it is there on the floor fer a REASON, right?  But TBT dint agree.  So he moved them closer together so that there wasnt room for me to stand between them.

I can take a hint...  I tried going in front of them, but TBT has been spending a lot of time in the basement lately and he watched when I came down ta do my bizness. 

He actually PICKED ME UP when I set to poop in front of the boxes and set me in one.  Like I was a KITTEN!  OMC, I was acting like one...
I've been good since then.  And HE has been better about cleaning the boxes more than once per day. 

BTW, those jugs in the back are are filled with fresh litter.  He fills those from the huge tubs of it he brings home.  He says a little work at first makes filling the boxes later a lot easier later.


  1. That sounds like very odd behaviour from you, Iza. Did you sit TBT down and try to explain why you were doing what you were doing? If not, that might be worthwhile - if he understands your rationale, he is more likely to be accommodate it, I think.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Iza, I hate to say anything because I am not even four yet, but I live with two senior kitties... and I'm wondering if maybe you are a little bit arthritic in your behind? I know sometimes that makes it harder for kitties to use the litter box the way they're used to. Boodie sometimes doesn't even realize she is missing the litter box. I know Ayla is older than you, but she is also more narrow and weighs less, and sometimes that makes it easier for kitties too. So maybe some cosequin (which you can get at a pet store) or Adequan shots would help.

  3. That looks like a pretty good set up :)
    Good to hear it seems to be working.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. IZA eu também faço o número 2, algumas vezes, fora da caixa de areia, como protesto. Eu preciso de privacidade e agora com um cachorro em casa isso ficou um pouco complicado.

  5. It sounds like you've figured out the box is the best place to go!

  6. Jenna has been known to pee outside the litter box when it isn't clean enough to suit her. Scooping isn't always enough. Every two weeks I dump the litter, wash the litter box and fill with fresh litter. Cats!

  7. I am glad that setting you in the litter box solved the problem. Maybe you did it the first time by accident and then decided it wasn't a bad idea until TBT set you straight.
    Flynn would never poop and pee in the same box either. Even if they were all clean he would always pee in the same one and poop in any of the others. (I used to have 4)

  8. You are funny Iza. I guess you needed a refresher course in litterbox 101 :)

  9. Hey, you were just doing things YOUR way. All felines can respect this. PS: tell TBT that mom updated our header tonight - it's now Toby1Fang. Something even we didn't notice!

  10. Good thing that issue is solved...hopefully no longer happening. Pipo likes to stand half in and half out of a box...and then whatever happens, happens. And he piddles upright. We now have top entry boxes and he can get in them just fine. And no more pee pee or poo troubles...except that he never covers them. Minko used to do it for him...go figure.


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