Friday, February 16, 2018

Freaky Friday

Ah Freaky Friday, where all the weird posts go...

TBT here:  Some of us Beings have BAD HABITS.  One of mine is smoking.  So, to protect the Mews, when I do that, I turn on the house fan, open the computer room window, and close the computer room door so that the smoke gets forced out the window and not into the house.

None of the Mews like being separated from me for hours, and they go sleep on the waterbed and wait.

Except Iza.  Everytime I open the door on those late nights, she is sitting right there, waiting.  She doesn't try to push into through the open door.  She just...  Waits.  Her eyes say "are you done yet?" and most times the answer is "no, not yet"!  So she waits right at the door. 

Of all the cats I have ever had (including Skeeter who is still my heart cat), Iza wants my presence more than any I have known. 

I can't say it is exactly "needy" because she is fine as long as I am "generally" around.  And it isn't as if she whimpers at the door like a child or dog.  She is just "there" waiting. 

I think it is partly because she is a Tonkinese and they love their people, but mostly because she is Iza and she loves ME!  I get serious guilt sometimes closing her out of the room.    And she just waits patiently...

But eventually, my answer to her constant question is "yes, Iza, I am done for the night".  And she understands that because my movements have changed.  She jumps up onto the bed with Ayla and Marley, and waits until I crawl under the covers and demands HER time.  She must get under with me and push herself against me. 

So then I have to pull her claws off me (she uses them trying to make me not move).  I move her around slighty so that I can sleep but she is still in contact.  I give her scritches all over, then keep an arm in touch so that she can fall asleep being held loosely.

She can sleep under the covers against me all night.  I don't know how she gets enough air.  But she is happy tummy to tummy or butt to butt. 

All she really wants in life is me...

I am not worthy of such singular attention.

While Ayla and Marley were out on the deck, 2 evenings ago, I gave Iza treats in the shape of a heart.  She doesn't know what that means, but I do.

Happy Valentine's Day, Iza...



  1. That's very sweet of her.

    Would it really be so bad to let her into the computer room with you?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Aww, that is sweet! While I'm glued to my human when we are out and about, at home, I pretty much go my own way about 75% of the time. BTW, my human's heart cat was in her life when she was still smoking (she quit a couple of decades ago), and she HATED when my human smoked. She would wrinkle her nose in disgust.

  3. That is so sweet. It's fascinating how each cat has their own personality and preference. If I tried to close a door here my cats would definitely not like it.

  4. That is very sweet of her, and you too. Flynn used to like to snuggle under the quilt against my tummy. When I am in bed and think about him doing it, I can still feel that lovely warm body cuddled against me.

  5. We don't like it when the peeps are out of sight either!

  6. Don't you humans understand...
    We are just keeping our eye on you.
    Have a super weekend!

    Noodle and crew

  7. You are so good to your cats. Iza really loves you. Closing a door around here gathers most of the cats outside. I rarely do it.

  8. That is kind of you to not expose your kitties to smoke. I think Iza is trying to tell you to quit smoking. That is sweet how she is so devoted to you.

  9. Oh, I think Iza definitely knows what those treats meant. What a sweet kitty !

  10. You and Iza have made my heart happy and Mom and I are both smiling and enjoying the love. Glad mommy and me aren't the only ones.

  11. That is so sweet that you sleep together touching. I try to touch/hold hands as much as I can with Patzy. Having lost too many of my great love kitties in the last few years I am determined to stay close to Patzy. She is still a little skittish about sitting on my lap, but she now curls up next to me in bed. But she still is afraid to sit on my lap when I am in my chair. It’s funny because she reaches out to my hair and meows but cries if I try to put her on my lap. She’s getting there slowly. I guess the longer the bond takes, the stronger that bond will bee.


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