Thursday, March 29, 2018

Garden Tour

IZA:  We are a bit late today, so I will be conducting the Garden Tour today AND tomorrow.  All the flowers will look the same both days after all, and it is really our first big flower day of the year.

We are at the last of the Crocuses, but they are some of the fanciest ones and we love them...
The front yard box has suddenly sprung (Springed?) into flower.  This is the 1st wave of 2 varieties.  Having an early variety AND a late one makes things look colorful almost a month longer.
These first ones are REALLY colorful (the late ones are white, but fragrant).
There are some Hyacinths blooming.   There used to be a LOT more, but the voles find the bulbs eventually.  We are planning to plant more next Fall in wire cages.  It amuses me to think of the voles trying desperately to get at them in cages.  With anny luck, some of the voles will some to the surface to complain and I can grab a couple, MOL
And a nother few...
The oldest Daffodils in The Big Circle are getting ready to  bloom.  I can't wait to be photographed among the pretty flowers.  Nothing like really good flowers to make a woncancat look great!
Here are some other Crocuses.  These are the last of the early kind.  TBT says that is because they must have been planted deeper so it took longer than usual to SPRING from the dirt.
And old Daffodil planting survived the leveling of the old ivy-covered ridge.  Sometimes it is wunnerful to see the oldest ones return.
The 1st early Tulip is up.  I was suprised.  There are more emerging...
And of course I have to show off the emerging Nip!  There are at least a paws-worth of places, but this is the best so far.

Now lets see what Marley has chosen for our snacks up on the warm deck...  Minced Poached Chickie Breast and Cream.  Good start to the Season, Marley!  We have Good Basics to enjoy...

Thank you all SO MUCH for coming along on our Garden Tour this 1st Big Week!

IZA - I'm gonna take a nap now through the night though...


  1. Hooray for garden time! Y'all got a good start on it too!

  2. I like those crocuses with the stripes. They are pretty. The hyacinths are a lovely colour too. Mine are boring purple.

  3. Yaaaaay for the daffodils - they look tremendous. Well done TBT.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We are laughing too at what those voles will be thinking.

  5. That's nice to see color returning to your yard... but the nip is the most exciting part!

  6. Ah yes...ours have sprung up too! All is well with Spring!

  7. Those are beautiful flowers! What a lovely garden!

  8. Yippee for a garden tour! Your daffodils are gorgeous! Our voles go after our hyacinths, too, which is why we don't have any. And a tulip already? Beautiful! Thanks for the tour!

  9. Thank you for the great photos. We are happy here also that the spring weather is finally coming in. Time to start taking our little guys for long walks in the park. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  10. What lovely flowers! One nice thing about daffodils: I don't think anything likes to eat them! Your snack sounds wonderful. We thank you for the tour :)

  11. Spring is really springing at your house. We don’t have any flowers around here yet, though there’s some green stuff trying to poke out of the ground.

  12. Everything looks great. Dang voles got all our hyacinths. We don't have any daffodils yet, they are just popping through.

  13. Those blooms warmed our hearts to see that somehwere there is not here as yet.

  14. Yay ! Spring has sprung ! Your yard looks so pretty ! Purrs


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