Sunday, April 29, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

We are taking it easy here.  TBT on the chair watching baseball and talky TV and us laying around. 
He watches the Washington Nationals.  They are having a hard start.  2 starters are injuried, and they have lost 4 of 5 games decided by 1 run, AND they hit hard line drives right to the other team's gloves, AND they keep hitting long balls that hit the top of the home run fence (TBT helped us with that part).
Not that we care all that much, but it keeps him in his chair...
And "in chair" means "lap!
And the ottoman is pretty comfy too.  Iffen ya dont get the lap, bein comfy CLOSE to him is reassuring, too!
We ignore the talky people, but he likes them.
Ayla is sleeping on the bed pillow.


  1. What's wrong with hitting the top of the home run fence?

    Glad that he's found things on TV to watch that keep him still for long enough for you guys to have a nap on and around him!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. My human doesn't watch talky people or sporty people on the TV. She just watches people jumping around and imitates their moves! Sometimes she's pretty good, other times she sort of messes it up.

  3. Sometimes that ball and bat thing is on here too, sometimes its the ball into the basket, or the ball into the big net, or of course the ball over that white line...and sometimes its a ball back and forth over a net...and sometimes its not a ball but this little think black disc into a net...and often times a lot of those ball games and not ball games get rather rough...some peeps enjoy that but not petcretary. She wishes they would just stick to the game and its rules...keep the fighting to words maybe...or not at all. Sheesh from ball games to did that happen? MOL!

    Anypaws you all do look *peaceful* there so that is a good thing! Have a nice quiet Sunday.

  4. Now that is the sort of sport we like too. It is vitally important for humans to get their exercise by providing laps for us and Marley is working out so hard to keep TBT's muscles in the correct place - and Ia you are clearly stretching his ankles too. We hope, as his professional trainers, TBT rewards you well.

  5. Laptime is the best sport ever!

  6. The lap is definitely the best thing about sport on the TV.

  7. We think you guys have the right idea...and TBT should take a page outta your play book.

  8. Iza Lambie, you looks ADORABLE all aseepin' like that. The Human listens to the ball games lots of time too but she thinks the glory years of 2010, 2012, and 2014 are not coming back anytime soon.Well, she can live on those memories for a long time. She has the sick right now so she is going to stay home tomorrow and so I will get an extra day with her. I'm not a lap cat, but I like having her around for extra pettings. XOXOXO

  9. Iza, I see your sultry pose got Spitty's eye! I shall have to try to win his attention as well. So far I haven't. :-)


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