Thursday, April 19, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Thank you for coming along on this weeks Garden Tour.  I was a bit surprised that Marley did one on the sly, but there is some new stuff and bedises, I show ya differnt angles of the flowers annyway...
We will start with the view from the deck.  Some of the daffodils are fading, but some of the tulips are blooming better now.
Lets go down an get a closer look at the tulips.  We like the yellow/orange ones a lot.
But I gotta admit these purple ones are really nice!
And these lighter ones are  pretty and subtle.  
The daffodils edging the regular flowerbed are unusual-looking.   We dont have anny others with white trumpets.
The hostas are emerging suddenly.  I like the cream and green ones...

But solid ones are good too.  They help show off the fancier ones.
We have some TBT dug up last year when the vishus deer ate the leaves off.  Im glad ta see they survived.  TBT and I will discuss where to plant them in the back yard where they will be safe from the vishus deer.
Another tub of recovering hostas.  They sure are pretty!
Here are some of the tulips...
And I notice that one bulb was in the wrong bag when they got planted.  Sometimes the nurseries make a slight mistake.
And there are a few hyacinths still blooming.  They dont seem to do very well here.
And a few over by the fence.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Now let's sit up on the deck.  It warms up nicely in the sun...

TBT and Ayla chose our snacks and drinks today.  TBT cooked a pork roast a few days ago, and as usual with meats, he cuts off a portion and cooks it without his weird herbs and spices just for us.  So we he minced pork with gravy.  It is "inneresting".  And in case you dont like it, Ayla has brought out some canned rabbit.  And crunchies!  We seem to have a new drink...  Chickie broth and cream smoothies?  Hmm.  Ah, with Nip...

Thanks again for coming along on this weeks Garden Tour!


  1. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. There's so much to see in your garden that two garden tours in a week barely seems to be enough. Hasn't TBT - with your help - done a superb job with the flowers this year?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. We love seeing that garden season is really showing up!

  3. Thank you for the tour. Everything looks so pretty, especially all the different tulips. Would you believe it was snowing here this morning?

  4. The few tulips we have here are barley showing their leaves...the daffs are a bit furhter along. They are having such a hard time this so called spring...there was snow overnight and down to 27F tonight. Brrr. At least there is some sunshine here today.

    Thanks for that lovely tour, and I think I might like that broth and cream:)

  5. Your flowers are blooming lovely! The two coloured tulips are my favourites especially the light coloured ones.

  6. Such lovely gardens - the cream of the CB crop, as always. We love that TBT discusses the placement with you, that's so wise of him.

  7. Boy you sure know how to treat your guests right. And being able to sit up ob the deck and continue to enjoy the garden is a good thing. I had a fine time. Thank you for the invitation.

  8. We love your tulips, we don't have them here. These snacks are delicious.

  9. Mmmm, what a great garden tour feast you had! And your photos! So beautiful! Our Mom loves every one of them. We hope to have tulip photos soon, as we're a little behind on tulip time here. Hyacinths don't do well here, either, it seems, which makes our Dad sad. . . so our Mom drives him to the home improvement store where he can sniff his day away if he wants. MOL!


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