Thursday, May 31, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my Garden Tour!  I has good stuff to show this week...

First, the Meadow Bed popped into bloom all of a sudden a couple days ago.  One day there were none, the next day, all THESE.   The Bloom Of The Clones!  Since there were ferwer of these last year, we think that means they are either perennial or self-sowers.  And iffen THEY have done well, we hope others will too.  And iffen ya look closely (go ahead and walk right in among them), ya will see some white daisy-like flowers just starting ta open.
TBT has this one non-fragrant but self dead-heading rose.   It was kinna expensive so he says he will clip it for cuttings ta root when it gets bigger.  Its fer show, not nice-smell.
This is some perennial Purple Salvia.  There aren't many left, but we appreciate the few  remaining.
And the same with this cheerfukl little yellow-floweringing one.   There were originally 6 but 5 died after a couple years.  That was 10 years ago.  This one keeps showing up every year. 
These arent planted.  TBT found them at Walmart for $1.27 for a 6 pack.  So he bought a lot.  We are sad to say our indoor plantings og annuals did not do well this Spring.  So it is "buy or do without".  
Some seeds did grow though, and need to get planted soon.  TBT says it has been raining so much the past 2 weeks, he didn't want to "smush" the soil but putting his outsized heavy self on the soil to scrape the weeds off of where they should grow.  But things are drying out now.
He also bought a bunch on inpatiens at $1.39.  I think they will look nice among the hostas unner the deck.  HE says maybe they should be planted unner a tree in the front yard.  I'm right of course, and that is where they will go...
But we have some annual Salvias.  Those will go into pots on the deck.
And we have some purple grass plants.  They are too large for deck pots.  We have discussed it and think the best place is in front of the corn plants.  That's the sunniest place in the back yard. 
The Venus Fly Traps are out of dormancy in the garage  and growing traps to catch flies again.  We LOVE those things.  We had 3 in pots.  TBT divided them carefully (using his weird human fingers to feel around bulbs before he separated the halfs IN A SUDDEN RIP.  Oddly, he had 3 other pink pots to plant the divisions in.  That helps him remember to water those with only rainwater.
Not that this is great interest to us cats, but here is celery growing in trays.  TBT adds cut stems and leaves to salad.  (YUCK!!!)

Well, that a lot for a tour and I thank you for coming along with me.  Lets sit on the warm deck and see what is on the snack menu...

Interesting.  It appears that we have 3 flavors of soft and crunchy treats,  but TBT has brought out some games!  The hard crunchies are in the the rolly-dispenser, and the soft ones are in the puzzle box.  Looks like we will have to earn our treats today!

But Ayla has whispered to me that the drinks will come out afterwards, so that is OK.


  1. Those flowers are so beautiful, and colourful. Surely that must be TBT's green fingers. Although in Finland we say green thumbs.

  2. Sometimes the gardening goes well and other times it doesn't.

    Any reason TBT doesn't just move the rose to a better location? My daisies will be blooming before long and I'm ready for their cheery flowers.

    Uh-oh...gotta' work for your treats today. In the heat, no less. You'll need those drinks!

  3. Very nice flowers. I need to get to Walmart, everything was pricey last week when I was getting flowers for the cemeteries so I didn't get any for the yard.
    We grow celery too, it is so much better than the grocery store. Has TBT ever grown celeriac ( Celery root)- it s good too, almost a lemon flavor.


  5. Everything is sure looking nice!!!

  6. We have heavy clay soil so EVERYTHING mostly does in raised beds. We love salvia the herb because it has amazing blue flowers but we had such along summer it didn't flower this year! We planted Borage though and that is a self seed8ing maniac that bees absolutely love.

    We like your rose, the colour positively vibrates!!

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  7. You have an impressive assortment of seedlings and plants growing there. Our veggies are planted and we purchased some colorful perennials this year. But we need to add more insect & bird friendly flowering perennials to our landscape.

  8. I'm especially glad to see the Venus fly traps waking up!

  9. The salvia is so pretty and we love the yellow, it is so cheerful. Everything is looking good. The kitchen renovations are taking up all of Mommy's time, so not much gardening for us this year.

  10. Fabulous garden tour, as always Iza. I was interested to read that TBT hadn't enjoyed great success with his spring seed plantings. I wonder why.

    Sydney, Australia

    PS. Forgive my absence/late responses to your recent posts. I've been locked out of commenting by the silly Captcha system that wanted me to click on photos but wouldn't show them to me properly. Grrrrrr. Anyhoo, it seems that 'the system' has righted itself somehow, so I'm scurrying to catch up on comments.

  11. There is a lot of work when it comes to planting time...but then one can sit back and admire the results. You have lots of prettiness there, Iza! Your TBT has a very good green thumb, where as petcretary needs crutches for hers, MOL!

    I have a Venus Fly trap, but it seems to be dying...any suggestions? So far it is an indoor plant, but I want to put it outside. Maybe I woud do better with sundews...
    Now I Pipo hope there are still some snacks in those snack dispensers:)

  12. The flowers all look lovely. I have been on holiday and hope my flowers will look good when we get back.


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