Friday, June 29, 2018

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  Ya know how somedays ya just cant decide whether ta be IN or OUT?

When no matter WHICH side of the door you are on seems wrong?

And you keep checking ta see which side is better.
And then the Bein locks the door and goes away?
Yeah, I never have that either.  (*koff, koff*)

BTW, ignore the fish eye lens effect.  TBT set it that way in a typical random act of stoopid and it took him a WHOLE DAY ta undo it...  He actually had ta load a CD and read a manual.  And the instructions were wrong, but close enough that he fixed it.


  1. TBT probably messed up the camera settings because he was distracted by your indecision and suffering, Marley. He would have hated to see you looking even ever so slightly miserable on the 'wrong' side of the door.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. MOL about the technical difficulties - that sort of thing has happened to my human, only it's usually with the iPhone and not the camera.

  3. You look so pitiful and sad, just waiting.

  4. Don't you love that spammer that keeps slipping through on all our blogs? I guess because there is a comment before the spam. Anyway, our Robin used to stand in the doorway, her waist was the point where half of her was in..half was out. She just stood there trying to decide..her sides moving in and and out. Finally a boy's foot touch her rear to start her walking. NOT to kick..just to cause some movement forward or backward so the door could be shut.

  5. It's a hard decision to make, Marley.

  6. You need an automatic door opener Marley!

  7. Kind of like the grass is always greener :)

  8. Too hot here to be outside, even for mum.

  9. At least you have a chance to do that hard kind of decision making, Marley! I have to stay on the same side of the door...most always (But sometimes I sneak out through the doggy door, MOL!)


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