Thursday, June 28, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Im doing the Garden Tour today!  Yeah, Iza usually does it, but I insist on a turn every once in a while.
And today I choose ta focus on the Daylilies.   TBT saved them when the back yard was leveled a few years ago and he divided them up pretty mercilessly.  This is the first year they have got big again.  And it may be a while before we see them again.

While we dont chew on them, TBT says they CAN be dangerous, so he is gonna move them all to the front yard where we dont go this Fall.  And he is even marking them (with labels - not like WE do) for color so he can arrange them ta grow ta look best.

But for today, we have lovely flowers ta show!

It is kinna obvious what colors they are from the pictures and we have no idea of names of them, so I'll just lead ya around to one of each so we can all admire them up close.  Don't bite them though!

Now lets go up on the deck for snacks and ta admire the long row of them   Right side...
Other side...
Im a kinna straightforward eater, so we have stuff in MY fashion today.  There are bowls of wunnderful crunchy chicken kibbles, toothy-cleaning crunchies, Roo chewies, and some minced ham!  And ta drink, we have nice clean water, nice clean water with crushed Nip leafs, and Nip leafs.  And because it is not just for ME of course, I had TBT prepare some small bowls of Meowgaritas and some Rabbit Pate bowls...


  1. What lovely day lilies! Good idea for TBT to move them to the front yard.

    Sounds like luscious snacking after the tour :)

  2. Dang Marley, those flowers sure are pretty!

  3. Thank you for the tour. Those are gorgeous lilies. Smart idea to get them out of your area.

  4. Won't the vishus deer eat the lilies if they're in the front yard? I admired them all and didn't bite a one!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Hmmm, we might have assumed that if lilies were bad for cats they would be bad for deer. MOUSIE-DROPPINGS! We might have to leave them where they are and put chicken wire over them for safety!

  6. Those lilies are pretty, but yeah, it's probably better to have them in a spot where you kitties don't go!

  7. I like to view my day lilies too. I can see them just outside the front of the house. not blooming yet but we can see lots of flower stalks.

  8. Day lilies are so pretty and bright! We only have the yellow kind here...

    Thanks for the snacks:)


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