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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Wensday Lap Fights

MARLEY:  Sometimes I get the Lap.
And Iza hates that...
I know what she's thinking.  "How can I get him off the Lap"?
 Staring won't work, Iza, I'm settled...
 So nap on the otto-man...
But I had to go visit the litterbox.  I told her, don't get up there while I'm gone.

But she did.  
So I looked up and told her ta get off.  I jumped...
 I even got above her real fast.  But she put her teeth on my chin!  Yikes!
Well, the otto-man is comfy too
I've got 2.5 pounds on her, but she is very strong.  Maybe I need to exercise more...  But seriously, it bothers me to fuss with a sisfur.

[Marley, you are a kind Brofur and don't use your strength for yourself.  Only to keep peace between your Sisfurs when needed]. 


  1. I guess you need to use the litter box before getting on TBT's lap :)

  2. I'm worried about TBT - watch those claws you two. You don't wanna hurt the man who feeds you.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Those girls shure can be bossy!

  4. You gotta share TBT's lap. So if you leave, you lose.

  5. Lap wars! My human is kind of relieved none of us are lap cats.

  6. Ooh...a fight??! Well, it was more of an assertion of lap rights. MOL! You are such a gentleman kitty, Marley!
    At least you did get *some* lap time:)

  7. Now, teeth on a chin? That was not too nice despite the change of place. Be nice little girl.

  8. At least you got the first lap time. Looks like Iza decided she had waited long enough for her turn and wasn't giving it up.


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