Friday, July 27, 2018

Flashback Friday

AYLA:  This is a special one for me.  This week in 2011, I was spayed a THIRD time!  Some of you may remember and some might not know that. 

The breeder's vet spayed me before I was sent to my forever home.  But it didn't work.  TBT called the vet after a two months and he said sometimes it took a while because some hormones can "linger" but to contact him again in a month if it continued. 

It continued for a month, but then he was out of the country doing assembly-line spays as charity work.  When he returned, he repeated the operation.  It didn't work.

And I'll leave it to TBT to describe the rest because I don't remember...

TBT:  I talked to my regular vet, who said repeating the operation could be dangerous and he was reluctant to get into another vet's operation techniques because they vary.  But he suggested I contact a feline surgical specialist. 

I did.  The exam alone cost $500, and he said she had to be in heat at the time of the operation.  The next 3 heat cycles, he was booked up. 

Then one day, Ayla showed some different problem.  I don't want to get gross here, but there was some smelly tannish paste pushing out of her girly parts.  I brought her to my regular vet immediately.

He agreed that there was a serious abdominal infection and he would have to do exploratory surgery just to try to find the cause.  I agreed.  I brought Ayla in first thing the nest morning.

Around noon, my vet called me with astonishing news!  In spite of 2 spay operations by the breeder's vet, most of Ayla's uterus and whole whole ovary were still inside her.  The uterus remnant had become infected.

He was proposing to remove both but needed me to approve the extra cost.  Duh!  Of course I did.  And I told him to save the parts.  I wanted to show them to the breeder's vet.

The night after Ayla returned home, she began to seep blood through the sutures.  I had to bring her to a 24/7 emergency pet hospital.  I sent 4 hours there while the rather odd vet just disappeared for the whole time.  Eventually, he brought Ayla out saying he had determined the sutures were sound, coated the sutures with some antibiotic, and did some tests to make some there wasn't some other problem.  And said to bring her to my regular vet first thing in the morning.

Well, by that time My regular vet was just opening, so I went straight there.  He looked at her and said the pink seepage was not abnormal but did need to be looked at.  He found 2 loose sutures.  I fixed those quickly. 

And Ayla never went into heat again!

I spent time over 3 days writing a very carefully-worded email to the breeder's vet and one to the breeder about her vet.    I included pictures of the partial uterus and the ovary in the emails...

First, the breeder stated she would never use that vet again.

Second, the breeder's vet agreed without any argument to reimburse all my expenses. 

So, now some pictures...


  1. Poor poor pussycat - and poor poor TBT worrying about what was happening. So glad that it was eventually addressed and all has been well ever since.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. WOW!! What an ordeal and expense.
    Good to hear that at least one Vet repaid the money.
    Happy that all is well now and you are still feeling well and happy!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Wow, Ayla, that was some ordeal! I'm very glad it's past you now.

  4. We sure remember that and we're so happy all is okay now sweet girl.

  5. Poor pretty Ayla! I'm glad you at least got all that straightened out, but I'm sorry the both of you had to go through that at all. Ayla is a beautiful baby, as are the other two.

  6. That poor girl! Spaying is about as easy as it gets, it's barbaric it wasn't done right TWICE.

    I hate ER vets. Those are the ones usually not good enough to work at a regular hospital.

  7. Mum says she amembers this happening. Happy that Ayla finally got "fixed"!

  8. That is an awful story. Poor Ayla, I am glad your vet found the problem.

  9. I remember this from the time it happened. I am glad Ayla was eventually spayed properly and has had no more problems. I expect the breeder's vet was willing to pay all of your costs so it wouldn't be publicised.

  10. Oh poor Ayla ! Thank goodness she survived all this - and thanks to TBT for persevering in getting her treatment ! And for following up with the breeder and the vet - I am amazed the vet ponied up the $$ without protest - no more than fair, of course, but very rare !

  11. Poor Ayla ! We're glad Ayla didn't have problems after that ! Our Angel Céleste had to be spayed twice, because the first time didn't work : she became pregnant, but the babies were dead in her body, and fortunately Claire noticed something was wrong before it was too late. Purrs

  12. All of those vets should lose their licenses over this type of thing. What if she was to get pregnant? It certainly wouldn’t have bode well for the babies but could have been catastrophic for her. And you. To tell you she was spayed but wasn’t completely spaye? And then To tell you the sutures were sound whe they weren’t. I just don’t know what to say about this. I certainly won’t just trust any vet without a second opinion though.

  13. Poor poor little girl. I am so glad you are the person you are in care and love for them.

  14. I had no idea all about that story of Ayla's earlier days. Glad it all came good. What a bummer though.
    Ayla you are an amazing kitty, and I am sorry you had to go through all that trauma.
    Love heals much, even all, Right?!


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