Thursday, July 12, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  It is Garden Tour Thursday again!  Thanks for coming along to join me...

We are about at maximum color bloom with the daylilies.  I dont even know the names for some of the colors.  TBT goes a bit vague at some of them too.  Like that one at the bottom right.
That bottom big one isn't too easy either.  
We love the blended ones!  They CANT have a color name, so they are easier.
But they are all lovely!

But the yard isnt all daylilies of course...  The heirloom tomatoes are growing very well this year.
The Stella d'Oros around the mailbox are blooming.  We are sure the mail persons enjoy seeing them each day.
The Golden Rain Trees are flowering.  Nice small trees that seem to stay about 12' high...
The Snow-On-The-Mountain are looking good.
Some Astilbes are happy in a slightly shady wet spot.
Coneflowers are blooming.
The Stoke's Aster are unendingly perennial and long-lived.  TBT and I love them.  No weeds grow among them.  But the camera cant seem to catch their color.  The flowers are blooer, as you can tell looking at them closeup. 
The corns are growing.  TBTs Grampa allus used to say (he tells me) that "knee high by 4th of July" is a good measurement of growth, and they are taller than THAT already.
 The Nandina bushes are growing well.  They almost all died back a few Winters ago when it got REALLY cold out, but they are growing back great.  They will have bright red berries and green leafs all winter.
Im not sure what this flower is, but it is pretty...   Some kind od Sunflower.
And there are lots of them right now.
The Queen Annes Lace is beginning ta bloom.   I think there will be lots more of them soon.  I like them because the flowers are always covered with insects and that is probably a good thing.
Well, that was a pretty long tour, so we should all have some good snacks as we rest up on the shady deck.  Ayla promised some surprises...

OOH!  Bowls of mixed chewy treats (Turkey, Roo, and Salmon) so ya don't know what you will get.  TBT is putting out a few lightly-cooked minced shrimps from time to time.  And Marley asked TBT ta help him fill the blender full of NIP and a little cream (oh WOW NIP pesto).  And to wash all that down, we have separate bowls of rainwater, milk, chickie broth (from real boiled chicken with no spices), and Grasshoppertinis.

Thanks again for coming along on my Garden Tour this week!


  1. All those wonderful colors sure are pretty!

  2. You all TRULY have the best treats and drinkies anywhere I have been. And that means AMNYwhere! Including home.

  3. What a great tour. Your TBT does amazing work. Now, pass the roo mix, thank you.

  4. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your garden tour. You do some amazing work and everything looks great. The sunflowers are really beautiful. We love to plant really colorful flowers around our office. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  5. You have some really nice blooms going on!

    (Although I have to admit, I mostly come for the treats.)

  6. What a wonderful tour! The girls enjoyed it and can't wait to taste the yummy appetizers.

  7. Excellent tour, everything looks amazing.

  8. Grasshoppertinis? Wow!

    I enjoyed seeing TBT's tomato plants amongst all the pretty flowers.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. Your garden is quite prolific and pretty, too. We are eating off of our cherry tomatoes, now. Mmmm!


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