Sunday, July 22, 2018

Not Easy Like Sunday

TBT and The Mews here:  We think we have a problem commenting.

Yeah, fine, some blogs use moderating before allowing comments.  But that isn't the problem. 

We think our comments are not getting through to the blogs that don't do that.  We visit a friend, and we always leave a comment.  But we happened to visit one site where we had commented and it wasn't there.  Well, OK, maybe we forgot to hit "send". 

But we went to another and our comment wasn't there.  And a 3rd and 4th.  In some cases, the comment was there.  But mostly they weren't.

This is bothering us in multiple ways.

First, our friends are thinking we aren't visiting and leaving comments, as if we don't care about them.

Second, there is something seriously wrong with our computer (and we can't find a cause for that.

Third, there might be a general problem in blogger than we are the first to notice.

Fourth, we do see comments at the sites we comment at unsuccessfully

Fifth, something else we can guess at.

So, we specifically checked for missing comments at Charliepuss, Catio Tales, Ducky, Eric&Flynn, Sometimes Cats Herd You, and our posts are not there a day after.  So something is very wrong.

Is it just us?  Can a few of you check for missing comments?  And if it is just us, any suggestions?  We are completely baffled and upset that our comments than seem to get sent aren't getting through. 



  1. I can confirm that my mother (Noela, Sydney, Australia) has had the same experience as you trying to comment on the Charliepuss blog.

    I don't seem to be having any problems, although I don't visit as many cat blogs as you guys do.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. My human often finds your comments flagged as spam, although she has white listed your IP address and email. She checks regularly, so she always finds your comments and okays them. Maybe some of the others don't check their spam as often. I wish I had more suggestions to help, but we really can't think of anything.

  3. I checked and do not have a comment from you for the last 2 weeks. I only post once a week, and also have been on holiday for just over 2 weeks. I checked to make sure I didn't miss any in comment moderation or spam, but no trace of them there.Blogger has been having a lot of hitches lately.

  4. Never checked my spam folder before on the blog. None of yours appeared though.

  5. We understand, there is still 5 or 6 blogs we can't comment on. I did find a couple of your comments in our spam folder just now.

  6. we have been not able to comment at all. we type up the comment and log in and it just never shows up, so we have given up. we thot is was the browser and tried another browser but no luck

  7. I have had trouble commenting on some Wordpress blogs. When Gracie died over at Brian's Home I wanted to send our sympathies but the "send" button wouldn't activate, despite reloading, etc. Just today I had the same problem on another Wordpress blog.( I read many blogs and don't always comment, as I don't have a blog myself.) The formcomes up, the comments are typed in, but when you press "send" nothing happpens.

  8. Your comments are coming through on my blog. About once a month mine don't go through on wordpress blogs.

  9. We always get your comments, one way or another, and we, too, have problems on some blogs, somedays. It seems to just be a thing, a glitch, that sorts itself out most of the time. We still miss being able to comment on a couple of blogs (William and Glogirly) we really enjoyed for years, but all others cleared themselves up. We hope this will be the case for you!

  10. I'm bummed your comments are missing from my blog. Not sure why as we do get other comments from others.

  11. The last comment from you guys was back on July 9! Wow.

  12. Our mum has had a few problems commenting too

    Charlie and Finn

  13. I don't seem to have issues with 'blogger' blogs, but I have many issues with some of the word press blogs...not sure why,though. All of your comments come to me just fine, Hooray!


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