Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Caturday

IZA:  One of my fun things ta do is push things off tables and desks.  Of course TBT doesn't really like it when I do that.  He suspects that I have a secret stash on pens and paperclips somewhere (I do, but he will never find it).

But I also like ta shove larger items off places.  letters, bills, and small notebooks are my favorites of those.  Like the water bill I hid away unner a chair once...  THAT cost him some green papers once so I stopped doing THAT. 

But when ya DO shove things off tables, it is impawtant ta nap on them afterwards.  TBT cant disturb a napping cat of course.  And then, with anny luck, he will just see it as part of the floor clutter and forget it is there, MOL!


  1. You've got TBT all figured out, haven't you?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. My human has way too much clutter on her desk - I wouldn't be able to decide where to start shoving stuff off!

  3. Ohhh that's always a fun game. And a great way to wake up the hoomins.

  4. Brother Simon is a bit pushy with table things too!

  5. You are too funny. Prancie likes to knock things over too plus she shreds the papers :)

  6. You are such a sweetheart,Iza, even when you are mischievous!!

    The first kitty here knocked down a mantle clock...and killed it...and he pushed a 'boom-box' off of a tall shelf, and it almost his the unfurbro-the-elder's head...yikes:(

    Too bad you nevfur got to meet him, MOL!


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