Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Whispery Wensday

MARLEY:  I had some questions ta ask TBT, but I had ta be careful about it.  Well, they were about Iza, and finding a time when she isn't nearly attached to him isn't easy.  So I decide ta sit on the back of the chair and whisper...

So, it went like this:

ME:  Psst, I got an embarassing question ta ask.  Why does Iza smell so bad?

TBT:  Well, I think she has always had some tummy troubles.  Plus there is a part of you cats called an "anal gland".  It releases a scent marker.  Sometimes it causes problems, though.   Iza has that problem.  And it is why she sometimes drags her butt along the carpet.

ME:  Do I have that problem?

TBT:  No, you smell like baby powder.  And yes, that is good...  Ayla smells good too.
ME:  So can you do something about it?

TBT:  Well, I've had the vet squeeze bad stuff out each visit, but it doesn't last long.  I've wondered if I could learn to do it myself.

ME:  So why don't you?  Ayla and I would appreciate it.

TBT:  And I would appreciate it too.  But it isn't easy, Iza would fight about it.  It really takes 2 Beins ta do it.

ME:  Could you hire someone?

TBT:  Well, that would be the vet almost every month. 

ME:  So?

TBT:  That would come out of your treat money...

ME:  Ooh...
TBT:  There is an operation.  But there is a risk.  It might cause her to dribble poop in the house.  You would have to watch where you stepped!

ME:  Ooh.  That doesn't sound good either.  It might even smell worse. 

TBT:  Sometimes we all have to just put up with small problems.

ME:  Yeah.  Well, I'm sure glad I whispered all this to you.  I love Iza and wouldn't want her to be embarassed.

TBT:  Me too, but I think I will talk to the vet about learning if I can do that stuff myself.  And if I start bringing Iza to the vet every couple of months, she is going to get her front claws clipped too.


TBT:  But you and Ayla would too.

ME:  NO, I need those ta catch the voles!


  1. My momma clips my claws - it's not too bad, but I wish she wouldn't.

    Be careful bout dose anal glands - momma had a dog whose anal gland ruptured once.

  2. You are very thoughtful to whisper to TBT so you don't embarrass Iza. I agree with you Marley. You need those claws for catching voles and any other interesting things that come along. Flynn never had his claws clipped until he became really ill and couldn't keep them short from walking. Then I clipped them myself and he was very good for it.

  3. My human has a friend or two that do their cats' anals themselves... but they are probably more cooperative than Iza would be. It's actually not that hard, it's just kind of gross.

  4. Dang, maybe you can find a Youtube video on how to do it.

  5. I cleaned my cat's anal glands. I held him like a baby (I've never seen you do that with your cats) and used a damp rag (warm water). It was like he was being licked. He purred.

  6. You're a true gentlecat, Marley : it's so nice and so thoughtful to whisper to TBT so you don't embarrass Iza. Being smelly is probably not pleasant for Iza either. Purrs

  7. Marley, that was a good way to tell Dad your concerns. Sounds like he is working on it. Good on both of you !

  8. Yup, Marley, you were good about just getting the correct you don't go calling Iza stinky or something like that! You are a well mannered gentleman kitty!

    I hope your TBT can learn to do that to spare all the vet trips and loss of treat funds:)


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