Thursday, August 16, 2018

Birthday Pawty!

MARLEY:  Its Noon, I'm up and about, so lets PAWTY!

First, I got this wunnerful card from Pipo at MM&TW.  Isnt it fancy?

Second, party stuff.

There will be fresh meat!
Image result for lion on zebra

 Image result for bacon
 Fishing Contests!  You cant lose here...
 Image result for goldfish tank

And catch-yer-own-mouse upstairs in the tub...
Image result for mice in bathtub

There will be ladders, boxes, and bags!

We have lots of toys all sorted by type so ya can easily find yer favrit kind...

There are trees ta climb...

There will also be hallway races, stair-runs, King Of The Tree games, etc.

So please come and join me to celebrate my 8th birfday!


  1. Oh what yum and fun Marley, Happy Birthday to you officially now!

  2. Happy Birthday Marley! You have the best parties, we love the fish tank and the mousie tub :) XO

  3. Happy Birthday to YOU, Marley!!

    I wonder why those mice were taking a bath?? Or swimming lessons? MOL!
    Do we need to guess the number of fish in that crowded tank? Now that would be easy pickings to snag one though:) Mmmm!

    Your pawrty is furbulous and a ton of good cattish fun!
    Glad you are throwing it, Marley, cause its boring here at our den, Tee-hee...


  4. What a fun party, Marley - I knew it was going to be awesome! Happy birthday!

  5. It's going to be a pawsome pawty ! What fun ! Purrs

  6. Another fantabulous birthday party at your place, Marley. I love the introduction of the mousies in the bathtub - that certainly looks like fun.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. You had us in fits of laughter with your party post!!

    What an epic day for everyone!!!!!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  8. Happy Birthday Marley- and many mire ! We've never been to a party where went Bobbing for Mice !

  9. Happy Birthday Marley! that looks like a great party and one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

  10. What a party! Happy Purrthday Marley!

  11. Gosh we can't believe you are 8 already. Sorry we are late getting by to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! We hope you had a great time and thanks for saving us some fresh meat.

    Happy Belated Birthday Marley!!!


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