Friday, September 21, 2018

Flashback Friday

Today we have this date in 2011.  It was a rare time when we were all in the same spot. 
And the otto-man doesnt have much room for 3!
Ayla was in a mood for grooming.
Marley was just over a year old then, and acting like a kitten forced to endure Mom's cleaning habits...


  1. What a friendly flashback :)
    Nice to see the 3 of you so close. MOL!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. I think that's as close to a cuddle pile as you guys will ever get!

  3. The otto-man looks like a lovely place for cuddles.
    I feel Marley's pain. I have to endure having my ears and face cleaned by my big sister Laser.

    Have a great day
    McLaren x

  4. That's a terrific cuddle pile!

  5. Thanks for sharing the wonderful flashback. They are all too adorable trying to fit all together in one spot. Great to see them having such a fun time. That was the spot for some great kitty cuddles. Have a great upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals

  6. I saw the first photo and was going to say how smiley you looked. I changed my mind when I saw the other 2 photos.

  7. That is so sweet. Does Ayla still groom Marley?


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