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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Comment Failures

TBT here:  We are having trouble commenting on blogs.  Yes, I have mentioned it before, but it seems to be getting even worse.

I am getting to my wit's end about this.

In this past week, I have tried both Firefox and Safari.  That doesn't seem to help.  I have been ruthlessly cleaning my computer of old files (some small some large).  I have gone through and uninstalled old and unused applications.  I have used 2 different software programs that search for viruses, malware, and advertisement-oriented commercial cookies.  I defragmented the disk.  I searched for unauthorized incoming and outgoing traffic while I wasn't actively using the computer.

I am not having the slightest problem with the computer otherwise.  As far as I can tell, my Mac computer is operating perfectly.

Meanwhile, I have noticed that my number of comments (though not visitors) to Mark's Mews is dropping.  A year or 2 ago, I was getting 30 comments and 80 visitors per day.  It went to 20 comments and 30 visitors.  Lately, it is 10 comments and 20 visitors.

This could of course be for many reasons.  Fewer people visiting blogs, we are getting boring, or (what concerns me most) many of YOU are also not getting comments through and are not recognized as visiting.

I'm not sure what to do.  I have about 70 blogs on my reading list.  I try to visit everyone at least once a week (about a 1/3 every other day).  Tonight, of the first 10 I visited (and I always comment), only 2 comments showed up when I checked back an hour later.  And it wasn't that they were blogs that are moderated in real time (I moderate too, but only for comments 3 days or older).  And I get email acknowledgement of comments to be moderated.  And even THEN, I have been checking my blogger dashboard for comments waiting for moderation or considered spam.

The only thing I can think of to do next is to hook up my Windows 10 computer to the internet (it is currently a stand alone computer for "safe" use).  But that would mean updating 2 year's worth of software, buying anti-virus software (not currently needed since it is offline in all ways), and creating new bookmarks (since I wouldn't want to copy ANYTHING from the Mac "just in case").

So my questions are:

How many of you are having the same general problems with commenting?

Have you found a way to fix it?

Is it different on a Mac or a Windows?

What browser works best for you?

How would you feel if I emailed you (being unable to reliably leave comments directly)?

If we can't fix our commenting problems, would you still visit us?

Is the blogging world falling apart (is the comment-failure problem widespread or just me or a few of us).

There used to be streaming chat.  That faded away.  Then there were discussion boards (still working fine).  Blogs worked great until a couple years ago.

I'm never been on Facebook, Twitter, etc, and with the complaints I see, don't want to be.

So, anything anyone can suggest based on current experiences would sure be appreciated.


I just learned something.  If you have "embedded" as a choice in your comment settings, it may be causing problems for visitors using a Mac.

Here's how you find out:

Go to your Settings selection and look for something like "Posts and Comments".

Under "Comments" you will see "Comments Location".  Next to that is a box with several choices like "embedded, full page, popup window, and hide".  If you have "embedded", I think that is what is stopping Apple Mac users!

If you change that setting to "popup window", I think that will fix things for we Mac users.

You can also look at the 2 settings below that; "Who Can Comment?" and "Comment Moderation".

The first is anyone, google accounts, and only members of this blog.  I suspect the last is a bad choice.  The first allows EVERYONE (and you might want to be careful).  The "google account" means most of us.  A friend set up a google account just to comment on blogs and so far as we can tell, means little beyond on that even if you don't like Google.

"Comment Moderation" decides how old a comment has to be before it requires you to personally allow the comment to be posted automatically.  I have my setting on 7 days.  That means comments from friends on old posts aren't likely to get ignored, but some of those scammers who post ads on really old posts get detected (usually).

I hate to ask friends to struggle through changes in their settings, but I think it is their settings that are keeping my posts from showing.  I THINK it is the "embedded" setting that is causing the problem.  It DOES seem to me that "embedded" comments (where the comments show immediately below the post) are the ones I have troubles with AND that the "pop up" comment windows always seem to work.

And only because Mac and Windows don't get along well.

SO, if anyone tries that, let me know and I will send a test comment to assure "Pop Up Windows" works.  It COULD solve a problem many of us have had AND it could result in more comments and visitors...

Hoping for good news...



Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

I visit your blog most days, even when I do not have time to comment...
So far I have not had those issues you speak of. I use a mac-book, and mostly Firefox.Sometimes Safari, but I don't like it...sometimes IE in a virtual machine, but not very often.

Maybe try going over all your settings and not changing them per se, but just hitting the ok as a sort of refresh to the things you want it to be doing?

I a sorry you are having troubles. What a a bother. I believe your recent comment on one of our posts came through properly.

Megan said...

Mark - I only visit a small number of cat blogs and I haven't been experiencing any problems leaving comments in recent times. In addition, I visit some quiltmaking/crafting blogs, although I typically don't leave comments. However, on the occasions in recent weeks that I've tried to leave comments, I haven't had any difficulties.

Have you tried contacting the Blogger help desk to see if they can shed any light on the problems you're having? I do hope it gets resolved. I really enjoy visiting blogs because most bloggers write interestingly. I'm not interested in Facebook or Instagram as there's typically very little to read on those platforms.

I do hope my favourite bloggers - including you and the mews of course - continue with blogging, as visiting is a highlight of my day.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Summer at said...

As you know, I comment on your blog most days - I don't rely on commenting back from my blog commenters. As far as you commenting on mine, I'm really puzzled. I haven't gotten a comment from you since the end of September, so any comments you made after that have been lost. Sometimes you used to appear in my spam folder, and would fish the comment out. I also have your email whitelisted on my spam shield. So I'm not sure what else to do to help on my end.

Brian said...

We don't seem to have a problem with Blogger blogs but some of the Wordpress (like we use) blogs give us fits some days. It sure can be frustrating.

The Whiskeratti said...

As far as we know we aren't having blog problems ourselves. We do visit you almost every post you have, though lately we've been commenting a bit less on everyone's. Just one of those periods where we are doing less, we blame it on our mom.

The Swiss Cats said...

We visit your blog almost every day, and try to comment once or twice a week. We use a Mac, and we had a lot of problems commenting with Safari on Blogger blogs. Since we switched to Firefox, it's ok (paws crossed !). Purrs

Jans Funny Farm said...

We are so far behind it's embarrassing. We read your post and just in case changed embedded to pop up. Seems we did the reverse a few years ago because some could not comment on pop up.

We have seen a lot of complaints about not being able to comment on blogs (on facebook). We can't comment at all on Typepad. Don't have problem on others but sometimes our comment just disappears after posting.

We get emails for all comments, new or old. Since blogger made changes a while back, we changed to "all" since non-Blogger bloggers also visit us. We have had virtually no problem with using the "anyone". We are set to 5 days and so far the junk comments are on old - very old - posts.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I know you said before that your comments weren't showing on my blog and then they suddenly started to appear again. I only post once a week now, and in the 11 posts since 3rd August I have received comments on 9 of them.Your comment has shown on this Friday's post but not on my commentathon from the week before.
I still comment here even if I don't get comments from you. I think comments have gone down over the past months for everyone though.
I do use the embedded comment form as a while back I was having trouble with the pop up, but I will change it over.
I have noticed that on some Wordpress blogs my comments don't show, but sometimes when I go back they are there even though it doesn't say they have comment moderation.

catladymac said...

I am not a fellow blogger, just a fan. I get an email notice and often read it there, so I may not be showing up as a site visitor, but I am here. I often don't comment but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading !
Some places I cannot leave a comment (Brian's home never lets me do so - It gives me the form and I can type one in, but when I hit "post comment" it doesn't respond. )
I have a PC and use Chrome, so I can't help with any of the technical aspects.

The Island Cats said...

We know sometimes our comments go to spam for some reason. We never understood why. And sometimes we find comments in our spam folder...people who have left comments in the past with no problem. So we think there must be gremlins in the internets. :) Also, our comments and number of visitors are way down too. We think people aren’t visiting as much as they used to.

Just Ducky said...

Me and mum aren't commenting as much lately. She is bizzy with other stuff right now.

suzanprincess said...

I read and enjoy EVERY blog post of the Mews that appears in my email, and that's been daily. Because said email is so slow (since I've had to resort to going to the Yahoo website instead of getting mail directly to my home inbox, because I was using Windows Live Mail and it went haywire a month ago and I cannot fix it because greedy Microsoft went to pay-by-the-month for Outlook and dropped Live Mail support) I rarely go to the blog itself, in fact I now do so only if I want to leave a comment. Like today. I am suzanprincess at att dot net.

pilch92 said...

First off, you are never boring and even if I couldn't comment or you couldn't comment on my blog, I would still visit.
I don't have trouble commenting on blogger blogs, but I do sometimes on wordpress which irritates me being that I am signed in on wordpress.
I use foxfire and seem to be ok with that as long as I do the updates. I don't have a mac.
I would not go through all that trouble with your other computer. I don't think it would fix anything so why go through all that work. Sorry I don't know of any solutions to fix your comment issues.

Patzys Place said...

I don’t always know if my comments get through but I will definitely pay more attention. I will still always still read your blog whether I comment or not and even if my comment doesn’t get through. I always assumed that if you didn’t comment back then you didn’t get my comment or my comment was irrelevant. I still love your blog though.