Friday, November 30, 2018

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  2011 Thanksgiving Dinner was bad.  TBT took me to a strange house with a angry cat in it.   She hissed and spit.  I stayed hidey.

The ladycat of the house was NOT friendly. 
I hid.  Well, I WAS barely 1 year old...

After that, TBT promised me he would never drag me a strange place again.  And he never has.

But TBT liked the visit.

No, he isn't in the pictures.


  1. That was a pretty kitty, even if she didn't like you! I don't think I'd like to visit a strange kitty's house either. I only like going places that aren't already owned by other cats.

  2. That was a rather unusual thing for TBT to do. Perhaps he thought that you would like to me other kitties? Oh well - at least he hasn't made you do it again.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Sorry about having to hide, it's too bad the ladycat couldn't get to know you better. The fool looks good though!

  4. It's too bad that you and the ladycat didn't have some fun together while you were there. But we must say the food does look delicious. We love Thanksgiving meals. Thanks for the share. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  5. That ladycat was not at all lady like! You have much better manners than her, Marley, even when you were so young.

  6. I'm glad you don't have to endure that again Marley!

  7. Marley, I had an unexpected kitty in MY house here awhile back. Someone brought him without telling was terrible and pee was involved. The male cat's pee. I would never do that!

  8. That was a cute kitty. The food looked good too. :)

  9. We hope at least you got some good food out of that visit, Marley.
    Sorry the ladycat was such a bad hostess - but We have to admit, We too might have hissed at a Strange Kitty.


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