Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Visits And "HUH"?

Well, once again, we visited all our friends.  We left comments as usual at every blog (about 60).  And once again, almost half did not show up.  We don't mean "waiting for moderation", we mean just "nothing".  We don't know why.

We see comments at those blogs; it must be something we are doing wrong, but we can't figure out what it is...  We must be as dumb as broccoli.

Most (but not all) involve "prove you are not a robot".  We dont do well on the "click on all the squares with cars" type thing.  And more confusing, it isn't always the same blogs. 

We have to really look into all that.  But know that we try...

IZA:  Now on the happy side, we have some regular stuff ta show.

TBT took a picture and we cant tell how he did it.  Neither can he.  He couldnt have taken the picture with his arm in the view.  And he sure isnt agile enough to have done it with the other arm...
I just looked at him and went all "HUH"?
I'll have to think about this fer a while...


  1. Hi and Happy One Day After Christmas Day cause we are one of those folks who never got here yesterday (or got to lots of other places, too) ... lots of reasons, no 'scuses tho! Hoping it was a happy, treat filled (where's our snow?) wunnerful day!
    Huggies from Dougie Dog, Zoey and red-nosed, red-faced Ann!

  2. We love that sweet look on your pretty face!

  3. Hoomins. Capable of great weirdness even when they aren't trying.

  4. I've had some of the same problems - I was never able to comment on "Brian's Home" - I could write a comment but when I clicked the post button - nothing. On some blogs I would get a message that "didn't send any data". I finally figured out how to bring back the comment and resend it - but sometimes it took half a dozen times. A lot of times it was a blog from outside the U.S., and ALWAYS seemed to be a Wordpress blog.

    Then, after a screw up with my Earthlink Email, I downloaded Firefox (I was using Chrome, having switched a couple years ago because Windows 7 was soooooo sloooooow.) Now I can again access y email, and don't seem to be having trouble leaving comments - even on Brian's blog.

    I don;t like the "How Many Squares" games either - I often have to do two or three to get in, though I don't see them very often.

    I hope you can get some answers. I don't have a blog, so I don't comment all that much.

  5. We find the blogging community has changed some over the years.
    Sometimes for us, it's hard ro visit lots of blogs as mum gets home later, has other things she wants to do(srsly?) sometimes. But we try to visit more at special times(like Christmas)
    We don't think it is anything against you kitties,just others drifting to other platforms like Twitter and FB.
    We still like the blogging thing.

    That said, we cannot help you with how those pics were taken.
    Has anycat learned new skills? MOL!!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. Those are cute shots. I got TBT's comment, but it went into moderation 1st , not sure why that always happens.

  7. We've had some problems commenting too sometimes.

  8. Yeah, that comment thing has happened to me too. Oh well.

  9. Yes, We also don't have an easy time when We get those squares with pictures and have to prove We aren't robots.
    At any rate, We hope you had a great Chrissymouse and will also have a Happy New Year.
    We have no idea how TBT managed to take that picture. Could he have used a mirror?

  10. That IS a very odd angle for TBT to be taking a photo!

  11. I think Marley must have walked past the camera and pressed the button.

    Sydney, Australia

  12. There is always comment moderation and how soon any kitty has it set to start moderating. Mom told me to set mine for after 1 day. As soon as she goes back after a day she will check pending comments. Her own blog s another story. It might be a week before she goes back to see. Too, there seems to be a "war" between WordPress and I can't comment on Wordpress blogs with my Blogspot credentials any longer unless it is a paid for WP blog. Then, I can. Otherwise I have to use my ancient free WP blog to comment and unless Mom types my name..everyone thinks it's from her...if they even recognized the name.

  13. We found your comments once or twice in our spam folder, and we check it regularly. It happens to us too : sometimes, our comments are eaten on blogs, but we don't know why. Purrs

  14. That photo is a mystery, and your expression is priceless, Iza.
    I checked and your comment is showing on my Christmas Day post. My comments never show on 15 and Meowing blog but usually appear a day later even though comment moderation isn't on.
    If I am commenting on another Blogger blog, I never tick the prove you're not a robot and it always works. Wordpress blogs are another story!

  15. We've had troubles on both the Blogger and the WP blogs...sometimes I think its their own servers that are wonky. It *is* furry frustrating for sure.

    Those are amazing pictures of Iza! We too think maybe somekitty touched the 'button' aka shutter release.


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