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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Iza usually does the garden stuff, but it is inside for now and I do those mostly.
We dont have much yet, but I said we should show the Petunia that showed up all unexpected from some soil TBT re-used to plant some Waxy Hoya root cuttings in.  We havent had Petunias here for several years, so it was a real surprize!  

But isnt it PRETTY?
And, since it has been so cold around much of the US lately but reaching 50F today here, I thought it might be nice to invite cold kitties (and warm ones are welcome too) to enjoy the dry and warm deck for some canned duck pate.  And TBT mashed up a sardine with dried NIP from our own plants he saved last Fall.  He even scooped up some of the fresh snow from last week and kept it in the freezer for today.  Water doesnt come cleaner than THAT!

For more entertainment, the birdie feeders are all full (and there is even fresh suet in the holder) so we should see all KINDS of Winter birdies...

Thanks for coming to our 1st Garden Tour Thursday of the year!