Sunday, January 14, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

TBT here:  I have 4-shelf plant rack against the south-facing deck door at the side that doesn't move.  When I'm not using it for plants, I put folded towels on the lower shelves just for the Mews to enjoy the sun in greater comfort.  Usually, it is just Iza on the 2nd shelf, but Marley joined on the bottom one recently.
Yesserday, you saw the Synchronized napping.  But mostly, they are just bunk beds.  Many of you made that observation yesterday (pat yourselves on the heads, kitties).
Still, you can notice that Marley is slowly moving into synchronicity with Iza above even though he can't actually see her!  Maybe it is "animal magnetism".  Heads and Tails slowly get pulled into alignment, LOL!

And, yes, the plant rack has wheels, but there really isn't any place to move it.