Saturday, February 03, 2018

Caturday Saturday - Comments and Questions


1.  Megan asked “which one of you was supposed to be snoopervising him when he hurt his back?”

We ARENT getting blamed fer THAT.   He did it all by hisself  outside when we were inside!  But we have piled around him in bed since then to add our warmth to his back.  We do what we can.

2.  @ Memories Of Eric And Flynn “I am glad TBT is starting to feel a bit better. It is lucky that he can still bend down even though he complains when he does it.
Being fed on the table would be interesting, and I can see that you would want it there all of the time.

He has learned ta do knee squats.  Or legs.  His body is a little different than ours.  But oh mousies!  We thought we had gained the table.  He is stubborn…

3.  Several friends commented about getting a new back from Amazon.  We found a good back brace but not anny new backs.  He is probly stuck with the one he has.

4.  William Kith & Kin said “Maybe you kids need to put him in a troll box and take him to the human fix-it place!”

We tried that.  We even got him in the car (his own PTU), but we couldn’t start it.  No thumbs.

5.  Pilch said “I highly recommend a turmeric supplement, it is an anti-inflammatory.

He looked into that.  He says he is better with ‘Ibuprofen’.  He is always on the edge of “gout”, and the Dr said he should use that stuff.

6.  Jan’s Funny Farm said “Ouch! Jan has been known to throw out her back too. We've never figured out how she finds it again, unless she buys a new one each time. We hope TBT finds his, or can afford a new one, so he can keep up with you guys again. Being your photographer is a very important job.”

We miss him taking our pictures.  DON’T TELL HIM THAT.  Its our secret.  We get more treats by complaining…

But, as we need ta end this on a good meow,  he is starting ta move better.  The bear grunt when he bends over to put our food bowls down seems less “gruntier” than on Monday.  So he probly won’t die and leave us trapped inside.  We DO worry about that sometimes.