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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Easy Like Sunday - Not

This wasnt a very nice weekend.  It rained fer both days.  Really hard today!  So we were trapped inside fer 2 days and were tired of it.

Then we looked outside the front windows an were amazed.  The drainage creek was all full and rushing down.
We were flooded!
At one point, the water couldnt go away fast enough, so it went right across the street!
This is our main storm drain.  Dont see it, do you?  Thats cause it keeps getting covered with tree junk.  Its unnerneath that pile in the center.
When THAT happens, the water flows along our yard to the other drain.  Most rains, water never gets there at all.
The drainage creek DOES have some nice big rocks it it and those make nice waterfalls.  TBT likes them.  WE think they look dangerous.  But, of course, we are never actually in the front yard.  We just look through the windows!