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Monday, February 12, 2018


AYLA:  TBT always feeds us just before he eats.  That's mostly so Iza wont be after HIS food so much.  But sometimes, his meal will smell especially good and we hang around staring and waiting.  Some of his foods we get bits of (chicken, steak), some we don't (hot italian sausage, pizza).  We cant always tell just by smell...

So I was waiting.
Iza was waiting.
Marley came over and asked if I thought it might be something he would like.  I said "no" without much hesitation.  Not that I wont share with Marley, but he doesnt actually LIKE any Being food.  Not chickie, not steak, not shrimp, not bacon. Not even cream cheese! 
The only things that boycat wants comes out of cans or mouseholes or trees!  But he always sniffs around.  I think mebbe he keeps hoping TBT will cook a skwerl someday.

Dont hold yer breath, Marley!

A note to Brian - We can't load yer blog again.  It says server not found.  Just wanted you to know we aren't ignoring you.