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Friday, March 02, 2018

Dr Seuss Day

We wrote a little poem ...  We tried to "Seuss" it up a bit.  Some names...  But it comes down to US eventually...

"There was this house in Bartlewhaton

It had a roof but not a bottom, 

And all the Na-moles came to play,

Because they could, and said “Hurray”.

We have a solid roof, they spied,

Safe from the nasty bergle-wowls!

And incherers and, and gorns, and fleers

And we will celebrate this day fer years!

And then they thought,

If others came, there might not be

Much space for they

Who came before,

And so they chose

To block their holes, and stomp the floors

To save what they had come upon.

A wonderland of safetydom..

The An-moles called from far below,

Please let us in,

For there is safeness up above

And we would safely live, your kin.

The Na-moles said “we have our place”

And safe up here we will abide

While you outside must run and hide.

We feel safe at last, they vowed.

They blocked the tunnels, stomped the floor.

Always safe forever more

Safety in numbers they declared

Knowing peace forever theirs.

The tunnels blocked,

The floor stomped down.

They cheered their safety

Not a frown.

So solid none could come or go
Or go and come, and  don't you know...

And that is when the cats came down…"