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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Marching To Bed

We mentioned before that we have the habit of marching down the hallway following TBT to bed but didn't have pictures at the time.  Well, TBT remembered ta have the camera ready recently. 

So here we are, following behind him.   We know that when the TV is turned off, lights go out, and he leaves the main area, he is going to bed!
Wait, where is Ayla?
Oh, she was already there!  Well, the bedroom is sort of her territory in the daytime and she tends to stay there with brief visits to the rest of the house.  But at night, we all have the bedroom as neutral territory.  Territory is both location AND time of course.
So you see us all collecting on the bed deciding on where we will spend most of the night.  We DO have ta wait for TBT ta get unner the covers ta know where the safe spaces will be, but we pretty much know where HE sleeps.

But we were glad he finally got a little evidence of our routine.