Monday, March 05, 2018

Marley Gets His Tent Back!

MARLEY:  A few years ago, TBT had set up a tent for me using a spare chair.  He draped a sheet over it and tucked in the bottom so it stayed tight.  I loved it.  But somehow it went away.

So he was looking at the chair the other day and remembered about my tent.  He set it up again.  It took a day for me to find it, but I went right in.  HURRAY!
Iza immediately wanted to investigate, and messed it up.  "Hey Iza, get off my tent, you are making it loose"!  I popped right out and threatened ta bite her butt...
Iza wasnt expecting THAT!  I am usually very tolerant of the Sisfurs...  
TBT came over and tucked it back in, so I was happy.  But I WAS watchful.
But being watchful is tiring...
So I settled back down.  Iza was unsure about the whole "tent-thing" and wasnt sure where I was.  She looked around the chair a bit, then wandered away to sit on TBT.