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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Turbo Track Tuesday

AYLA:  I am a bit secretive about my comings and goings around the house.  The bedroom is my domain during the day.  I HAVE to share it at night cuz thats where TBT is then.  So I often go around the rest of the house then.  I play with Softie-Mouse and my milk rings mostly.  Sometimes I just walk around "merfing" (well it is hard to "meow" properly when you got a mouse in yer mouth).

TBT knows I play with the Turbo Track  cuz he hears the ball being whapped and he knows Marley and Iza are right there on the bed with him an he doesnt belief in ghosties).

Well, I get all involved with it the other night.  And TBT can walk around REAL quiet fer a Bein.  So I knew he was there only when the flashy went off far across the room, but I kept at it annyway...
 I like ta tap it real delicately at first, then pounce it hard.  Sometimes I can even get it up over the hill.  Its how I used to hunt mousies (Skeeter taught me) when I used ta go out in the yard (I dont do that much annymore; even Marley imagines Im a rabbit and chases me).  But I still like ta pretend Im hunting...
OK!  Enough of the flashy...  Go back to bed TBT, or I'll stop and come to bed and whap yer face with my tail all night! 
He went back to bed to let me enjoy my night time play...  He KNOWS about my flippy-tail.