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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

VET Visit

It was THAT DAY again yesserday afternoon.  We didnt know of course.  TBT is real good at hiding his intents at times.  Then we each discovered we were loocked into separate small rooms and he came an put us in the PTUs one at a time.  Calling out a warning to the others did no good!

The vets did more stuff to us than usual and we really hated it. And TBT even helped them, which he normally doesn't do.  We were all so upset when we got home that we all hid until night time.  This morning, Ayla STILL wouldn't come out of hiding until this afternoon (and only cuz she HAD to eat).  She is still twitchy and hidey. 

The Vet called today and said our tests were all fine but a kidney test was in the high range of normal for Iza and maybe she should get on a special diet, but it wasn't serious or urgent.