Thursday, March 08, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, its a decent day, so lets go see what is going on in the yard!
There are crocuses all over.  This is a good patch.
Over here in the hosta bed, there is another.  There are more around, but mostly in 1s and 2s.  The voles dind them eventually.  TBT is going to make mesh cages and plant larger groups in the lawn this Fall.
 The daffodils are coming up all over.  He filled up a 30' circle last Fall, But new bulbs are slowerer to come up than older ones, so it will be a week or 2.
The Daylilies are emerging.  They were  are divided into small parts the year before and are 2 mousies larger this year already.  It should be great in May.  And dont worry, we know not to nibble them.  They smell wrong.
There are Tulips coming up too.  They are in wire cages, so the voles cant get at the bulbs.  There are already 3x as many as last year, so they love the spot.   They like the 3" of bark mulch too. 
Our Nips are emerging.  TBT likes his flowers (and so do we) but we LIVE for the Nip plants.  Feel free to nibble a few, there are more coming...
 A few more crocuses.  I wanted to make sure you noticed they arent all purple.  We have many colors actually.  Yellow, purple, white, purple with white stripes, and yellow with purple stripes.
 And, of course, you will see birdies all around the yard.  They love it here and we love seeing them.

Now lets sit on the sun-warmed deck and have some treats!  TBT has brought them out today.  Let's see...  Minced ham (unspiced in anny way), some shredded cheese (nothing better than ham and cheese), some sour cream, and Niptinis! 

Not a bad start for the year! 

Thank you so much for coming on our Garden Tour