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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Easy Like Clockday

We enjoy watching TBT play with his clocks.  He only does it a couple times a year though.  But he must have more clocks than Iza has rattley mousies!  It takes him nearly an hour ta play with them all.

Let's see:  In the bedroom there is one on the radio and one on the min/max thermometer; in the computer room, there is one on the wall (the computer takes care of itself); in the living room there is the big digital one that also tells him what day it is; in the TV room, there is one on the phone, one on the wall and one on the VCR (which just blinks and is covered with black tape),  (the TV takes care of itself and the fancy indoor/outdoor thermometer  takes care of itself); in the kitchen, there are the 2 wall clocks, the microwave, and the oven; in the basement there is another phone, and 2 wall clocks, and a timer for the plant lights; in the garage there is the one in the car and another plant light timer; and FINALLY even with all those, would you beleef he WEARS ONE TOO?