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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Before We Forget

TBT usually takes pictures at the vet.  But because he was pressed into service helping to hold us for shots and clippy claws (oh the betrayal), he couldn't take pictures of our humiliation. 

Somehow, that seems to balance out somewhat... 

All he got was our pictures leaving the V-E-T and the torture room.  But,  since they aren't the bad pictures, we will show them.

Here we are, all lined up like little captured prisoners.  Ayla gets the small PTU, Iza gets the medium PTU, Marley gets the largest one with the open top (he is a bit claustrophobic and hyperventilates).
TBT even joked that we were "Barely-Haired and the 3 Goldicats".  He'll pay for that.  And he did and the reception desk.  A Grand.

This is the torture room.  The good thing was that he had to stand around waiting 10 minnuts between when we were taken away to have our blood stole (and a few things we wont even MENTION) and was UTTERLY BORED.  He says there USED TO BE pictures on the walls, but they re-did the place.  Not that WE ever noticed...
We are just posting this because TBT says we always should to prove he takes care of us and for posterity...  Why posterior matters, we don't know...