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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Freaked Out Vet Visit

MARLEY:  Yes, I had to visit the vet AGAIN, a couple days go, and it took me a while ta get over it.  TBT brought me back to have my teeth cleaned.  I was just sitting on the bed and he picked me up (which I don't like unless it means lap time) but it was too early for that.  And before I could think, I was face in to the PTU!  And off we went.

I didn't even have a chance to start yelling!

So we got to the VET again and he LEFT me there!!!  They stabbed me and I went to sleep.

I woke up in a larger cage about 3'x3'x3' and they told TBT to come get me.  I Heard them.  When he got there, they all acted strange.  First they said TBT had ta talk to the DR VET,  And when he showed up, he had nothing important to say.

Then I heard TBT say, "WHAT'S wrong?.  Yeah, Me, Marley, the laid back one...", I was going crazy.  And that scared me too.  But they finally admitted they were afraid to get me out of the cage!

You would have been proud of me.  Every time they got near I THREW myself at the cage door all clipped claws flailing, I hissed, growled and threatened bodily harm to them all.  I was angry!  Twice in two weeks there !!!

Then TBT arrived.  They offerred him heavy leather gloves, but he declined.  He said my name the right way.  He  talked to me a minute and said we were going home again.  Then he calmly reached in and let me sniff his hand.  I was still hissing and growling like he had never seen.   He told me later he expected a few bites but was prepared to accept them.  But I knew him.

So I slowly relaxed and he picked me right up and I shook on his shoulder as I knew I was safe again.  He told me we were going home but I had to get into the PTU again, and I went right in.

The vet people were amazed at how suddenly I changed, but I was with TBT again and all was OK.  We got home and I got out of the PTU and ran unner the bed, but he laid down there and I came right out and pushed against him tightly until I relaxed.   And we both just stayed there a while. 

And he just held me there until I finally fell asleep. in his arms.  Well, it was a really hard day...  I thought I was back in the shelter place all alone again.  Doggies barking all around, stuff I remembered badly...  Some of you know...

TBT says we aren't gonna do that again.  Not that way, at least...

Product Review Thursday

IZA:  We got sent an Art Of Paws Heated Mat to review recently.  TBT set it up while we were outside so we wouldn't notice it at first as a test.  He used his infrared thermometer on it and it was mostly about 90F after 30 minutes.  It has a nice soft removable washable cover.
As soon as we came back inside, I noticed it right away.  Well, "new" is allus interesting.  I went right over and laid down on it!  
Nice to sit on!
Nice to lay on!
I zonked out on it.  I didn't even know my tongue was hanging out until I saw the pics later...
Over the past few days, I am nearly ALWAYS on it!
Warms my bones, ya know?
ALMOST as good as TBT's lap (when I can't get on his lap when he is eating his dinner)...
I've taken it over!
Like a sunpuddle unnerneath.
Mine, all mine!
Ayla wants to get a try, but I'm NOT giving it up!  Not yet annyway.
OK, now we think we have to say a few things.  We got sent this fer free in exchange for reviewing it honestly.  Free things are good.  But you know us and when we don't like something we say so (like some of those strange kitty litters we tried). 

So, we gotta say that Marley shows no interest in this heated pad at all.  And Ayla is curious about getting a try - Dream on tiny girl....  Well, we DO have a whole heated waterbed ya know, so we we are familiar with warmth from below.  And Marley and Ayla love their huts.  But I love this heated mat!

So it is ME who loves it. TBT says that if he knew how MUCH I loved it, he would have bought one before.  So I'm glad we got sent one to try!

And there is even better stuff.  Because we tried this (and I only say this because I LOVED it), we can offer you 15% off at if you mention "marksmews".  We get nothing from that.

I wouldn't recommend it iffen I didn't LOVE it so much!