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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Caturday Saturday Product Review

AYLA:  Iza was napping elsewhere (she finally pried herself up off the new Art Of Paw heated mat), so I decided ta give it a try.  Now, you all know the floor is NOT my favrit place ta be.  So I just sat there carefully at first waiting for Iza ta come by an chase me away.
But she dint, and after looking around a bit (and enjoying the warmth), I started to relax. 
This is NICE!
Mebbe I should try napping on it...
 Ooh, more warms!
So I started ta settle right on it good.
I could get used ta this, floor level or not.
I could tell TBT was there taking pictures.  
But I decided ta ignore it.  I mean this really IS comfy...
I got up a few times for food and litterbox visits, but I kept coming back.
I feel warm now.
So I did some grooming.
Gotta have the furs all smooth for when I turn over, tight?
Lick, lick, nibble out a few fur tangles, etc...
Remember, if you want one, go to and if you mention "marksmews" you get a 15% discount.  We get nothing from that.  Well, the mat, but we already have that, MOL!