Monday, March 19, 2018

Introoder Monday

IZA:  Our Nip is gowing again!  Not much yet, but it is low and easy ta roll on!
Naturally, there being little of it, I rolled with my head right on it.

I got both sides good so I could smell it REAL well.
But Im not the only one who detected it.  An introoder came to roll on it too a sundown.  TBT tried to sneak out real quiet, but he was already running away.  Introoder cats are cautious in our yards.  They know there are 3 of us of course so they dont want to start anny fights.

Yeah, its a lousy picture, but that is the best TBTs camera can do.
Well, it was completely across the yard AND it was getting dark (to TBT) and his camera.  WE could see him quite well ourselfs of course...