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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  I sometimes get really annoyed when TBT sits down in front of the TV but WONT let me on his lap.  So what if he is eating his dinner.  I want to be close to THAT too!  I mean, just because I grabbed a "small" chicken thigh and ran off with it once (and let's not mention the steak incident), he is suspicious. 

And apparently, just sitting on the arms of the chair isnt good enough.  The right one seems to be the wrong one too.  He complains that I get in the way of him cutting up his meats because his elbow keeps bumping into me.

So I get on the left arm of the chair and that doesnt make him much happier.  Whats wrong with me leaning over as close as I can get?  There is just no satisfying him sometimes!

So after enough times of being hurled cruelly aside [TBT: picked up with care and being set gently on the floor and stroked], I eventually give up and find what comfort I can.

This time, I discovered his shoe makes a pretty good pillow!
Ya take what ya can get sometimes...