Sunday, April 01, 2018

We Are All Upset!

AYLA:  TBT has brought a woofie into the house!  It's a small one but I am shocked and dismayed.
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He accepted it because the neighbor was moving to an apartment and they put it on the front lawn with a sign saying "take it or it goes to the shelter", And they just drove away.  Who does that?  He's a sucker for anything small, ya know?

We aren't sure how ta handle this.  On one paw, it is small and we can probly "manage it:" with hiss and claw training.  But we are NOT happy.  I mean, it drools.  On MY favorite bloo towel!!!  TBT gave him MY Favrit Bloo Towel.  Can you believe that?  He did!

What should we do first?  Hiss at it to intimidate, or purr to make it comfortable in its new home?  I'm not sure.  Marley went right over to it and welcomed it, Iza did too.  What is wrong with them?  It outweighs me like 5-1!  I'm gonna be woofie food! 

I am not so welcoming.  I fear this crazy barking thing.  It looks at me like I am a chew toy.  I may never get on the floor again unless to sneak down to the litter box when it is asleep.

It's name is "Frisky", BTW.   And the last thing in the house I want is "frisky".  I want peace and calm befitting a Princess...  Iza and Marley are hard enough ta deal with!

TBT says he might not stay long, but you KNOW how Beings get.  A little love, a little hug, play with a toy, and it becomes permanent!