Thursday, April 12, 2018

Birdie TV

MARLEY:  I know I haven't been here much recently, but don't worry, Im fine.  I just dont like the "whine" of the camera.  Ive been admiring the Birdie TV lately, though.

The yum-yums are coloring up getting ready for mating season.  I love watching them from the edge of the deck!
I cant catch any this time of year (unless they commit birdicide on the deck door) because they are active and cautious.  It is mostly just exciting to watch them and dream of catching one.
And we do admire the pretty colors they develop.  The seeds TBT sets out for them helps them a lot.  He says that, oddly enough Spring is a hard time of year for them.  Most of the easy seeds to find are gone by now and the new ones havent grown yet.
So, there are a lot more goldfinches, purplefinches, cardinals, and various other little birds that would otherwise starve now just as the world is turning green again.  
But WE mostly think of them as toys or treats...