Saturday, April 21, 2018

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  We have a NEW TV CHAIR!  We didn't know it was coming, and quite frankly, TBT sent us all ibnto the back yrd just as we heard odd noises in the front. 

When we came back inside, we sniffed the new chair all over.  Marley and Ayla were a bit hissy about it, but I was just fine.  I adapt quickly, ya know...

It looked pretty fine.
I tried it out before TBT did, MOL!
Oh Bast, this is almost like the waterbed...
 I can SLEEP on the arms. How can a chair get better than THAT?
Well, I HAD ta let TBT sit in it fer a while after...  And I can sit on the arms in utter comfort next ta him not just sitting up on the arm.

Im sure he bought this JUST FER ME!

Oh, BTW, the whole story of the chair is HERE!