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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

We are taking it easy here.  TBT on the chair watching baseball and talky TV and us laying around. 
He watches the Washington Nationals.  They are having a hard start.  2 starters are injuried, and they have lost 4 of 5 games decided by 1 run, AND they hit hard line drives right to the other team's gloves, AND they keep hitting long balls that hit the top of the home run fence (TBT helped us with that part).
Not that we care all that much, but it keeps him in his chair...
And "in chair" means "lap!
And the ottoman is pretty comfy too.  Iffen ya dont get the lap, bein comfy CLOSE to him is reassuring, too!
We ignore the talky people, but he likes them.
Ayla is sleeping on the bed pillow.