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Monday, April 30, 2018

Make A Nook Monday

IZA:  TBT was eating, and when I got pushier than usual, he pushed back more than usual.  And he didnt know the heaty mat had gotten unplugged.  So I needed a good place to stare at him adoringly in comfort.

I noticed that there was something pushable in the desk.  It a rack where he keeps address labels, stamps, etc.  But I could move it.
It actally made a really nice spot to sit...   But yeah, I hadda push over a flashie-light to make room.  And it turned out ta be a decent place ta rest my head.
Now about that desk...  Youve seen parts of it in lots of pictures, but TBT doesn't really know what ta call it.  His Dad called it a "hutch", an his Mom called it a secretary desk.  But TBT thinks a "secretary desk" is something that can be covered and locked (to keep "secrets").
What would YOUR Beins call this?