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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers Day Garden Tour Sunday

IZA:  We decided ta hold our Garden Tour til Mothers Day this week.  We know Moms like flowers...

This is Brunnera 'Jack Frost'.  Its there for the pretty leafs.  It suddenly doubled in size this year, so mebbe TBT can divide it.  It needs to be moved annyway, since it is suddenly getting more sunlight, and unlike us cats, doesnt like that much.
It has tiny blue flowers right now, but you dont grow them for the flowers.
The hummingbird/butterfly/bee garden is looking poor this 2nd year.  There are things growing like this plant , but most everything else looks suspiciously like grass and mock strawberry.  We suspect most of the seeds in the packet we planted last Spring were annuals.  So I told TBT to look of good flowers for hummer and butterflies and bees that are perennial.  That should keep him busy fer an hour tomorrow.
This is Psyche 'Dancing Dolls' (one of the self-sowing cottage garden plants we are trying this year).  They are outgrowing the little pots he sowed them in, so TBT needs to weed the area they need to grow in fast.  He has several each of other self-sowing cottage plants, but they arent so large of blooming yet.
The relatively new hosta bed under the edge of the deck is looking good.  The ones at the top are 'Blue Cadet'.  The center one is either 'June' or 'Paul's Glory'.  I mix them up a lot.  Whichever, we have the other in tubs waiting to be planted elsewhere.  TBT had to dig them all up from the front yard because the Vishus Deer kept eating them.
Now lets sit unner the shade of the deck and snack out!  In honor of Mothers Day, Ayla has chosen several light but tasty snacks of pouch Temptations and Meowgaritas.  TBT will have 2 strawberries and dark chocolate truffles and a Mimosa in honor of Moms who cant teleport here.  Ahh, the sacrifices one makes for symbolic celebrations...