Thursday, May 31, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my Garden Tour!  I has good stuff to show this week...

First, the Meadow Bed popped into bloom all of a sudden a couple days ago.  One day there were none, the next day, all THESE.   The Bloom Of The Clones!  Since there were ferwer of these last year, we think that means they are either perennial or self-sowers.  And iffen THEY have done well, we hope others will too.  And iffen ya look closely (go ahead and walk right in among them), ya will see some white daisy-like flowers just starting ta open.
TBT has this one non-fragrant but self dead-heading rose.   It was kinna expensive so he says he will clip it for cuttings ta root when it gets bigger.  Its fer show, not nice-smell.
This is some perennial Purple Salvia.  There aren't many left, but we appreciate the few  remaining.
And the same with this cheerfukl little yellow-floweringing one.   There were originally 6 but 5 died after a couple years.  That was 10 years ago.  This one keeps showing up every year. 
These arent planted.  TBT found them at Walmart for $1.27 for a 6 pack.  So he bought a lot.  We are sad to say our indoor plantings og annuals did not do well this Spring.  So it is "buy or do without".  
Some seeds did grow though, and need to get planted soon.  TBT says it has been raining so much the past 2 weeks, he didn't want to "smush" the soil but putting his outsized heavy self on the soil to scrape the weeds off of where they should grow.  But things are drying out now.
He also bought a bunch on inpatiens at $1.39.  I think they will look nice among the hostas unner the deck.  HE says maybe they should be planted unner a tree in the front yard.  I'm right of course, and that is where they will go...
But we have some annual Salvias.  Those will go into pots on the deck.
And we have some purple grass plants.  They are too large for deck pots.  We have discussed it and think the best place is in front of the corn plants.  That's the sunniest place in the back yard. 
The Venus Fly Traps are out of dormancy in the garage  and growing traps to catch flies again.  We LOVE those things.  We had 3 in pots.  TBT divided them carefully (using his weird human fingers to feel around bulbs before he separated the halfs IN A SUDDEN RIP.  Oddly, he had 3 other pink pots to plant the divisions in.  That helps him remember to water those with only rainwater.
Not that this is great interest to us cats, but here is celery growing in trays.  TBT adds cut stems and leaves to salad.  (YUCK!!!)

Well, that a lot for a tour and I thank you for coming along with me.  Lets sit on the warm deck and see what is on the snack menu...

Interesting.  It appears that we have 3 flavors of soft and crunchy treats,  but TBT has brought out some games!  The hard crunchies are in the the rolly-dispenser, and the soft ones are in the puzzle box.  Looks like we will have to earn our treats today!

But Ayla has whispered to me that the drinks will come out afterwards, so that is OK.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  Or "No rest for the restless".  I really LOVE my heaty mat!  Its as warm as TBTs lap.  It doesn't give scritches, though...
Well, he is eating dinner, and Im not allowed on his lap then.  There is no Photo Proof I grabbed that shrimp, but he says he saw me do it.  And the chicken thigh incident is still debatable.  He wasnt even in the room...
But for now, I was enjoying the heaty mat.  I tossed and turned a lot.  
 A little sitting...

A stare at the ceiling looking at a moth...
 Some more grooming...
An ear wipe...
Trying to nap...
Turning over trying to nap...
Sometimes, ya just cant settle down.  I hope TBT finishes eating soon.  I want laptime!  It is just wrong when he is sitting and I cant be on his lap...

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well, we THINK we are back.  Aunt Susie says our human cousin Emily is back at home to recover and that her recovery and all the legal stuff isn't going to happen soon.  So TBT said we should just get on with things. 

I honor of that, I decided to do a full tummy series of pics...
It has been a while.
 So I had ta remember how ta do it!
I still got it!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

We are remembering the brave humans (and some anipals) who lost their lives in wars...

memorial day clip art - Free Large Images

Friday, May 18, 2018

Time Off

Kitties, TBT's family has had a bad event.

There has been a tragic TBT family accident.  A niece drifted into oncoming traffic while driving late at night and hit another car straight on.  She is in the hospital with serious injuries.  The other driver died.

There will be very serious legal and financial consequences for her and her parents (she was driving their car and apparently that matters). 

Our thoughts will be elsewhere for a while...

We will be back sometime.  He just won't feel like writing for a while...

He is still taking good care of us, of course.  

Freaky Friday

IZA: Oh wow, I had a bad sleep!  I thought I was being chased by Vishus Deer!  TBT said my paws were all a twitching, too!
 I kept moving around trying to get away.
 I reached to grab annything.
But TBT tapped me an I woke up.  I hadda look around fer a bit before I was sure it wasnt really happening. As ya can see, I wasn't feeling quite awake and sure of where I was.
TBT said he saw my paws "a' twitching like mad mice on a hot parking lot", so he stopped me.  Well, a good thing I guess.  But iffen I had been catchin mousies, I would have been upset.
But he convinced me the Vishus Deer were all safely outside, so I went back to nappin...  And no twitchin...

And just after that, he went to bed and I follwed quick.  No sense in takin chances.  I'm allus safe around HIM.  Oddly, Marley, and Ayla followed us to the bedroom.  Maybe they were havin bad dreams too but not where TBT saw them at it like he did me.

I think we will all stay close around him all night...

Ya never know about those Vishus Deer.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weathery Wensday

IZA:  It was a dark and stormy night.  Well, outside annyway.  Inside, it was bright and dry...  Marley was sitting on the otto-man.
Deciding iffen he should  get up on TBTs lap.  But ya can see me trotting around the corner.
 So I got there first!  Oh Bast, theres a crumb of food on my nosie.  Why didnt he tell me?
Well, OK, I'll just wipe it off on HIM then!
"The Flash" came zipping by, but she was headed for the cat tree.
Ya can get dizzy tryin ta watch her sometimes.
It rained Monday.  It rained Tuesday.  Its raining now.  It will rain Thursday.  It will rain Friday.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Storms A' Comin

Well, the Weather-Guessers have been talkin all day about us getting storms this evening, but they started warning louder during the afternoon.  We heard them sayin stuff like "torrential rain", and "severe storms and thunder and  lightning",  and "wind to 60 miles per gallon hour".

So TBT has been outside putting stuff in the toolshed and basement, bring in plants in trays etc.  He even took in the doormats.  We kitties have also been very practical.  We been checking out our best hidey spots around the house so we know where ta go depending on which way the rain and thunder comes.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers Day Garden Tour Sunday

IZA:  We decided ta hold our Garden Tour til Mothers Day this week.  We know Moms like flowers...

This is Brunnera 'Jack Frost'.  Its there for the pretty leafs.  It suddenly doubled in size this year, so mebbe TBT can divide it.  It needs to be moved annyway, since it is suddenly getting more sunlight, and unlike us cats, doesnt like that much.
It has tiny blue flowers right now, but you dont grow them for the flowers.
The hummingbird/butterfly/bee garden is looking poor this 2nd year.  There are things growing like this plant , but most everything else looks suspiciously like grass and mock strawberry.  We suspect most of the seeds in the packet we planted last Spring were annuals.  So I told TBT to look of good flowers for hummer and butterflies and bees that are perennial.  That should keep him busy fer an hour tomorrow.
This is Psyche 'Dancing Dolls' (one of the self-sowing cottage garden plants we are trying this year).  They are outgrowing the little pots he sowed them in, so TBT needs to weed the area they need to grow in fast.  He has several each of other self-sowing cottage plants, but they arent so large of blooming yet.
The relatively new hosta bed under the edge of the deck is looking good.  The ones at the top are 'Blue Cadet'.  The center one is either 'June' or 'Paul's Glory'.  I mix them up a lot.  Whichever, we have the other in tubs waiting to be planted elsewhere.  TBT had to dig them all up from the front yard because the Vishus Deer kept eating them.
Now lets sit unner the shade of the deck and snack out!  In honor of Mothers Day, Ayla has chosen several light but tasty snacks of pouch Temptations and Meowgaritas.  TBT will have 2 strawberries and dark chocolate truffles and a Mimosa in honor of Moms who cant teleport here.  Ahh, the sacrifices one makes for symbolic celebrations...

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  What has me so entranced, you ask?  Well, if you DIDNT ask, please do...
 Dinosaurs!  OK, yeah, they are small on the TV, but I know what trees are, and these were bigger than trees.
But, to be sure, I asked TBT iffen trees were way smaller then, and he said "No"!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Flashback Friday

AYLA:  We havent taken anny good pictures fer a couple days, so we decided ta see what we were doing today in the past.  Ooh, this day in 2011 Marley and I were wrasslin...  He was still young enough then so it was fair. 
 Iza enjoyed watchin...
 I prefer the defensive position.
Marley likes the attack...
He grew fast, though!

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  Yeah, Marley is in the pictures too, but *I'm* the one sitting on the mat.
Checking around...
Waiting to go out...
Yeah, Marley is waiting ta go out too, but *I'm* the one doing it in comfort...