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Friday, May 18, 2018

Time Off

Kitties, TBT's family has had a bad event.

There has been a tragic TBT family accident.  A niece drifted into oncoming traffic while driving late at night and hit another car straight on.  She is in the hospital with serious injuries.  The other driver died.

There will be very serious legal and financial consequences for her and her parents (she was driving their car and apparently that matters). 

Our thoughts will be elsewhere for a while...

We will be back sometime.  He just won't feel like writing for a while...

He is still taking good care of us, of course.  

Freaky Friday

IZA: Oh wow, I had a bad sleep!  I thought I was being chased by Vishus Deer!  TBT said my paws were all a twitching, too!
 I kept moving around trying to get away.
 I reached to grab annything.
But TBT tapped me an I woke up.  I hadda look around fer a bit before I was sure it wasnt really happening. As ya can see, I wasn't feeling quite awake and sure of where I was.
TBT said he saw my paws "a' twitching like mad mice on a hot parking lot", so he stopped me.  Well, a good thing I guess.  But iffen I had been catchin mousies, I would have been upset.
But he convinced me the Vishus Deer were all safely outside, so I went back to nappin...  And no twitchin...

And just after that, he went to bed and I follwed quick.  No sense in takin chances.  I'm allus safe around HIM.  Oddly, Marley, and Ayla followed us to the bedroom.  Maybe they were havin bad dreams too but not where TBT saw them at it like he did me.

I think we will all stay close around him all night...

Ya never know about those Vishus Deer.