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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Easy Like Sunday

We had a great morning outside.  But it is time for first lunch.  So we were ready to come inside. 

But the door didn't just open as usual.  We were confused.  Ayla and Iza discussed it.
I stuck my nose in and said "well, it usually just "opens" right?  The Sisfurs agreed it WAS odd.  
We considered that mebbe the door was broken.  
But then TBT came over and fixed it.  He is good about stuff like that.  So we all came inside and had First Lunch.  And amazingly, Second Lunch followed soon after that. 

We are hoping that means that First and Second Dinner come equally soon and that there might be a Third Dinner.  And that is separate from the Pre-Sleeptime meal...

Well, SOMETIMES that happens...