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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Replies to Questions

Questions answered ...

1.  The Meezer Mews asked about our Venus Fly Traps.  They over-wintered in the 45F garage under a dim light.  Now that the temps are up though, they went outside.  TBT learned that the way to keep them happy is with full sun all Summer so they can catch insects on their own.  But the real secret is that they want distilled or rain water.  Tap water kills them (minerals).

So he puts out large flat trays to catch the rain and pours it into plastic bottles for later watering.  That is actually VERY IMPAWTANT!

And no fertilizer EVER!  The flies and whatnots they catch IS their fertilizer.  And they LOVE being soaked in water.  They are bog plants.   If fact regular soil will kill them.  They like peat moss.  Well, that's what they are used to.  

And don't feed them meat.  Meat has fat and they can't deal with that.  Insects don't have fat.

2.  We get 6 meals a day because Iza can't handle "full" meals at once.  And TBT read once that outside cats need ta catch 6 mice a day, so we get 6 mouse-sized meals.  Plus tossed crunchies.  Which is why Marley and Iza are a bit "large".  But Ayla stays at 6 pounds.    So it works.

3.  About claws and unner-the-covers...  Iza is welcome unner the covers at night.  She wants to extend her claws, but TBT moves slightly away and she rolls over so we are back-to-back.   Marley is welcome unner the covers because he doesn't want "touch" but "nearness".  No problem there.  Ayla is impossible.  She wants her claws out and won't be moved.  And won't tolerate TBT moving.  She just leaves.  Which is a shame because she is a profound purrer.

4.  The cat trees...  There are 2 standard fancy cat trees with sisal rope posts and platforms and huts.  Ayla especially LOVES the highest platforms and sometimes settles in a hut.  Iza "likes" the platforms.  Marley doesn't.  But there is a 3 stage platform TBT made before buying the cat trees, in the cat room.  Marley LOVES those platforms.  And there is a small cylinder that used to stand upright and TBT hollowed out and set down horizontal.  That is at the base of the old platform stand.  Marley is often there in the early morning.

5.  The recliner chair.  TBT hates it.  But Ayla loves it.  So it stays.  But Marley decided it was good for clawing, so it is going to get a big king sized blankie to cover it.  TBT DOES sit in it sometimes too.  Just not for eating or watching TV.

6.  Stealing food...  Iza will eat until she Bomits!  And she LOVES human foods.  She even loves bread crusts.  So when TBT eats, she wants to be on the arm of the chair hoping to get some.  And she mostly wants to sit on the right, where TBT's arm wants to go.  So she gets pushed off a lot (gently, on to the heated mat which she also loves)

She once ran off with an entire chicken thigh, and no shrimp is safe without constant supervision.  TBT had been accustomed to Skeeter and LC never stealing food even if he left the room for whole minutes, but Iza does not have that restraint.  Ayla LIKES human food but will not steal.  She just appreciates bits offerred. Marley doesn't want anything I eat.  Hurray for canned food and live mice.

7.  The Deck Door - Of course I manage the deck door.  When they are in and want out, I open it for them.  When they are out and want in, I open it.  So The Mews think it just opens automatically.  So on the rare occasions I'm not there immediately, they get confused.  Their expectations are that the door opens itself when they want.  

8.  Not actually a question, but The Mews think the ONLY outside is the backyard surrounded by the tall fence.  In fact, I suspect they think the deck door and the basement door right below it lead to different but similar places.  

Well, Iza got a shock yesterday.  They all think getting into the garage is a special treat.  New stuff ta sniff.    So Iza was in the garage and I wanted to put the small bag of litter out, so I opened the garage door.  You should have seen her!  It was a whole other WORLD out there.  She crept up a few inches at a time eyes wide open.  And then panicked.  So I closed the garage door  after letting her back inside the house.  And ya know what she did then?  Went straight out into the backyard in complete  certainty of "place".

And I think I better end this here...

Recliner Princess

AYLA:  The new recliner chair has become my throne.  A Princess needs a good throne. 
 Covered with towels...
Look at me relaxed and all.  How could I NOT deserve this?
And the bigger the throne, the more important you are, right?  Well, THIS is BIG!
This is mine.  MINE!