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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Wensday Lap Fights

MARLEY:  Sometimes I get the Lap.
And Iza hates that...
I know what she's thinking.  "How can I get him off the Lap"?
 Staring won't work, Iza, I'm settled...
 So nap on the otto-man...
But I had to go visit the litterbox.  I told her, don't get up there while I'm gone.

But she did.  
So I looked up and told her ta get off.  I jumped...
 I even got above her real fast.  But she put her teeth on my chin!  Yikes!
Well, the otto-man is comfy too
I've got 2.5 pounds on her, but she is very strong.  Maybe I need to exercise more...  But seriously, it bothers me to fuss with a sisfur.

[Marley, you are a kind Brofur and don't use your strength for yourself.  Only to keep peace between your Sisfurs when needed].