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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:   Welcome to my Garden Tour!  I have a few nice things ta show...

First, isnt it nice ta sit on the deck an see a big patch of bright flowers out back?
A few Sunflowers have opened up!
And there are some pretty lilies.  DONT bite them!
And there are the first daylilies too.  There are 100s of buds this year, so they should be very pretty soon.  A lot of differnt colored ones...
I think this is a Torch Plant.  We used ta have several others a few feet away and none last year, so this seems ta be a volunteer baby.
The meadow bed also has some white Daises starting ta bloom.  There should be a lot more of those soon.

Im hoping that TBT will have planted the deck pots and the transplants he bought last week by next week.   That will REALLY get things going.  Everything got quite delayed by our 3 weeks of rain.  It is starting ta dry out now, finally.

Lets sit up on the shady deck and have some snacks.  We have canned Rabbit Pate and Niptinis.  And Miss Megan sent us some Kangaroo Treats, which we will share.  They are VERY inneresting!

Thank you all again for coming along on my Garden Tour!