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Monday, June 11, 2018

Kitchen Kontrol

IZA:   I have mentioned Kitchen Kontrol before, but this is my best example of it.  Ya see, TBT read about "tiagulting , tangulalating, triangulating the kitchen appliances decades ago but the M/W made it a swquare.  Annyway, I decided that the best place to keep his attention on me was to be in the center of the square.  Which, conveniently is the middle of the floor...

So he has to look down at me whenever he moves. 
And iffen he bumps me with a big fat shoe, that is a win-win cuz he has to apologize and give me attention.  Well, that IS the goal, right?  Attention?
Not like I dont get a LOT of attention otherwise, but there is no upper limit of it fer ME!

Marley tries it, but he doesn't quite get the purpose.  He just does it when he is hoping for food.